Payment solutions for small businesses on the move

It’s 2018 and people are spending less time at the office and more time closing deals from a variety of other places – at the airport, a shared coworking area, even while riding in self-driving cars.

What does this mean for businesses? First, businesses should be ready to sign deals from anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Second, the payment mechanism behind any signed deal must be flexible, quick and user-friendly.

Having an optimal payment solution on hand isn’t as simple as it sounds due to security requirements. But with signNow, you need only two steps to implement it.

Begin by generating an invoice, bill or contract using calculated fields in signNow.

(Note that you can make it a template for unlimited use in the future)

Calculated fields are fields that allow both the sender and signer to perform basic financial calculations directly in the purchase order of a form or invoice.

Let’s say you’ve set a price per item and sent the purchase form to your client. The client’s job is to choose a number of these items to be purchased. Once they’ve done so, signNow automatically calculates the final price of the order according to the preset formula. Your client is then guided through the process of eSigning.

The whole point of using calculated fields in commercial operations is that you can easily set a one-time formula for a final price calculation. Now you’re free to forward purchase orders and invoices to all your clients in just a few clicks. Streamlining your workflow means maximizing the number of deals you can close, from anywhere in the world, using any device at your disposal. In addition, your clients have more freedom in formulating their purchase orders.

Once a client e-signs your purchase order, signNow automatically forwards the signer to the payment request form.

Now comes the second step – deciding on the method of payment. signNow is integrated with two online payment solutions, both are handy for small and mid-sized businesses – Payeezy and Stripe.

Here’s a one-minute clip showing how quick and simple it is to connect Payeezy’s payment system with signNow – all you need to do is copy/paste two lines from one account to the another.

Now, your client just has to enter their credit card information, same as any other online purchase.

Note that Payeezy is fully compliant with Controller and Processor BCRs (Binding Corporate Rules). Payments made via Payeezy are protected at all times by advanced encryption and tokenization.

The second, and equally popular option, is Stripe. Again, connecting signNow with Stripe only takes a few clicks:

signNow’s integration with Stripe provides two options for making payments – a standard credit card transaction and an ACH (automated clearing house) payment. The first option is the same as a standard online purchase. The ACH payment may be appealing to those customers looking for a lower commission fee (though the payment itself might take up to 2-3 days).

signNow’s payment solution comes with three straightforward benefits for both parties:

  • It’s twice as fast as a traditional paperflow purchase because it’s basically two operations in one;
  • It’s twice as secure as a standard e-signature due to SignNow’s encryption and advanced threat protection being supported by PCI DSS 3.2 standards on the side of the payment operator;
  • It saves you time thanks to the convenient use of templates and presets available for use with advanced calculated fields.

Tired of forced stops and delays due to paperwork? Start your free trial of signNow and see how you can close more deals and collect payments while on the go.