Background screening specialists choose SignNow as the most reliable e-signature vendor



EDIFY Background Screening
EDIFY provides nationwide pre-employment background checks, drug testing services, driving records, verification services, and more for small and medium-sized employers and non-profit volunteer organizations.


All core operations of EDIFY Background Screening are performed using paperless document processes – beginning with application and screening requests by clients, to the provision of a final screening report. Their only remaining paper-based task was collecting signatures for service agreements. This elevated concerns regarding turnaround times for signed documents. Faxing documents became a burden due to its demand on both the service provider and clients to print, sign and fax.

quotes Our entire business is essentially digital. Signing agreements was the only thing left on paper, so we were actively looking for a digital solution that would connect us with all our clients quickly and easily

Chas Scott

President at EDIFY Background Screening


EDIFY began scouring the internet for possible solutions. When they came across SignNow along with some positive recommendations, they decided to give it a try. That was back in 2014. Today, EDIFY still depends on SignNow e-signatures to collect signed documents from clients.

quotes The ‘Savings Effect’ of SignNow was not our main motivation, we were focused on speed of operations and having a better solution to ensure Federal and State law compliance from end-users. We wanted quick online e-signing for all clients, but at the same time, due to the nature of our business, we also needed a way to ensure our clients acknowledged specific rules for using the information we provide. SignNow enabled us to do this easily, quickly, and efficiently with digital document preparation, initials for acknowledging specific sections, and e-signing

EDIFY has been using SignNow primarily with service agreements and templates as well as its various drag & drop fields (Text Field, Signature, Initials, automatic Date/Time). These came in handy by making document preparation easier and faster.

quotes From the clients’ perspective, SignNow is especially easy. So yes, for all our clients who have noted for themselves the convenience of this digital solution, we have recommended trying SignNow in their business