Why going completely digital in 2019 is more crucial than ever before

Generation Z

While millennials are increasing in terms of numbers and buying power, there is a new generation emerging that both marketers and salespeople will need to get ready for – Generation Z.

This is a group of very young, enthusiastic, digitally native, socially and ecologically concerned people.

Let’s take a note of a few rather important traits of Gen Z to grow  your business in 2019.


Who are these people and what do they want from you?

Generation Z includes people born from the mid-90’s to the mid-2000’s.

You can already see that the oldest ones are only in their early 20s, while the youngest are still teenagers. So of course – your focus should be on the older spectrum of Generation Z.

You still wondering whether these young people can afford buying something besides cola, ramen and chips? Well, maybe we should let the statistics speak for themselves.

In our daily economy, Gen-Z accounts for approximately $29 – $143 billion in direct spending, and they are well on their way to becoming the biggest generation of consumers in American history by 2020.

Generation Z was already born with access to incredible technology. They grew up holding smartphones, using social media and buying whatever they wanted online.

What’s also important is that those in Generation Z care a lot about worldwide issues and their own impact on the planet, particularly when it comes to environmental issues.


How should you sell to Generation Z?

Generation Z is digitally native. They don’t know a world without internet or social media. This means that your product can’t delay when it comes to finding its place “somewhere on the internet”. In this case, obviously mobile applications are a must.

No matter what your business offers to customers. What really matters with Gen Z is your attitude towards customers, social and environmental issues.

Literally, they are more likely to refuse buying your product just because they consider that you or your company has a bad influence on an ecological situation, for example. And also they are very likely to refuse having something to do with your product if they know that you are far away from digital-first.

That right there is another good reason to eliminate using paper in the industry your company works in and make the complete digital transition.


Make the first steps towards this trend with SignNow

Generation Z has grown up in a virtually paperless, digital and mobile world.

  • Start from eliminating using paper in your industry. Implement digital document management tools for your company, both for internal and external operations.
  • Digital signatures are a must to reduce paper waste. Use special digital signature platforms to organize, fill out and sign your documents online.
  • Enable a mobile-first strategy to clearly articulate your products and services to this mobile-first audience.

Remember that this way, you not only gain more chances to attract Gen Z customers, but also to better save your money and time.

What’s more, digital signatures reduce document turnaround time by 80%. Using digital signature technology helps you close more deals in less time, make approvals in a matter of seconds, and make signing easy and quick for all your customers.