Major eSignature implementation trends for businesses in 2019

e-signature trends 2019

The global e-signature market has been growing consistently over the past few years and is expected to grow even further.

And the ability to sign documents electronically is no longer being seen as a mere gimmick anymore. The number of worldwide transactions made with e-signatures grew from 210 million in 2014 to 754 million in 2017.

This year, the worldwide use of e-signatures has grown at a blistering pace. The increasing use of digital signatures to eliminate fraud, promote technological innovations and enhanced data integrity, scalability, and transparency are driving this market growth.

Cloud based e-signature solutions are projected to be the largest deployment segment because they reduce the operational cost of e-signature implementation.

In 2019, businesses will be looking for a feature-rich online solution that’ll be easy to use across devices, meet the latest security standards and also be cost-effective.

 A focus on quick, simple and intuitive digital signature deployment

You should have the ability to e-sign documents on your desktop, mobile device, and even when offline.

By letting users e-sign from virtually anywhere, signNow speeds up document turnaround times by as much as 90%. Users get their documents signed in under 30 seconds by their customers, partners, and employees. It’s a time and cost-saver that allows you to close several contracts simultaneously, regardless of your device or location.


An emphasis on digital signatures with a high level of security

As the occurrences of fraud and data breaches plague today’s digital businesses, enterprises are looking to more advanced authentication options to validate the identity of participants in a digital transaction.

So these days your digital signature platform has to be compliant with the necessary security measures. With a proper digital signature provider, you get absolute control over your e-signature workflow and document tracking. Check whether your subscription includes an audit trail and password protected e-signing. SOC 2 Type II certification is one of the best measures to keep your stored documents safely secured at all times.


Attention to cost-effectiveness compared to the traditional pen and paper method

This means not only saving costs on postage, paper and mailing supplies.

As it was already mentioned above, the concept of a digital signature is not something really new or unusual. On the contrary, nowadays, this is a common tool for document management and processing. That’s why it’s ridiculous to pay more than a large cup of coffee for an e-signature solution.

To better put this idea into perspective – signNow’s Business plan will cost you $5, allowing you to quickly e-sign, upload and send out an unlimited number of documents. You’re also able to check any changes made to your document with a complete audit log, password protect all documents and access any document from your mobile device.


Easy integration with CRM, ERP, HR and accounting systems

E-signature software frequently integrates with third-party applications, including CRM software, ERP systems, HR management suites, and accounting, to facilitate quote, contract, and supplier management efforts.

signNow integrates with 21 different programs, including Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, NetSuite, Oracle, G Suite, Google Drive, Salesforce, Box, and many many more.

signNow is your “go-to” electronic signature platform that easily outruns its rivals on the market in setup, ease of use and doing business. You also get a bunch of cool additional features, including creating templates, role assignment, bulk sending, custom branding and a wide range of integrations and API opportunities – all at an affordable price.