SignNow Provides Security in E-Signature

With SignNow, your document protection and security is our main priority. SignNow’s e-signature solution is highly secure and effective, combating cyber attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and identity theft cases nonstop. Choose SignNow for optimal information security and e-signature protection.

Advanced threat protection ensures the highest level of security for your documents and links by stopping malicious attacks and phishing attempts. It scans to make sure there is no malware attached to signing links or links within your documents, as well as makes sure nothing has been tampered with. This feature is for enterprise accounts only and it keeps documents and agreements safe through:

Latent threat:

Latent threat protects your links within your online documents and sites. It constantly checks to make sure these links are secure – what was secure last week may not be secure this week. Malicious third parties try to find opportunities to embed ransomware and malware anywhere they can at anytime.


Spoofing Actor:

SignNow protects customers from clicking links that arrive through fake e-signature invites from a malicious third party. These links can bring ransomware and malware to victims’ computers which puts users and their personal information at risk.

With Barracuda Network’s ATP protection, there is no safer e-signature platform than SignNow. Protect your electronic documents, agreements, e-signatures, and personal information by signing up for SignNow today!

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