Collect E-Signatures and Payments with Payment Solutions

What is SignNow Payment Solutions?

Payment solutions allow you to add payment requests directly into your document. When a signer receives a document to sign, they are now able to fulfill any payments that partner with the information on that document–all through SignNow. We have joined forces with Payeezy, Powered by First Data, for this feature in order to ensure that payment solutions on SignNow are secure and simple to use.


1. Payeezy

Payeezy is compliant with both Controller BCRs and Processor BCRs. BCRs, or Binding Corporate Rules, hold the standard for privacy globally. Payeezy, backed by First Data, holds high privacy standards that parallel those of SignNow. As stated on their website, “advanced features like encryption and tokenization are built in from day one, ensuring data is concealed at every risk point.” For more information on privacy and security, check out First Data’s Online Privacy Statement.

2. SignNow

SignNow by Barracuda’s security can’t be beat. SignNow is UETA, ESIGN, and eIDAS compliant, ensuring all signatures that are processed through SignNow are just as valid as a handwritten signature. We know how important your documents are, and we want you to feel secure. To learn more about our compliance and security, click here.

In addition to SignNow’s security promise, this new feature allows you to have documents and payments all in one place, making it simple for you and your signer to track completed documents and payments. The payment solutions feature works with the document history feature so you can download timestamps and an audit trail that shows when your signer completed a document and a payment.

For instructions on how to use payment solutions, visit here.