Digital workflow for insurance brokers: saving time and cutting costs

Robert McCarthy, Vice President:
“Before that, we were using HelloSign. When our contract was about to expire, we decided to give SignNow a try. From day one, it was very easy for all of us.”

The insurance brokerage business is one of the most paper-overloaded industries out there. So how can e-signatures make a difference? For insurers specifically, SignNow provides two key benefits – saving time and cutting operational costs.

E-Signature Collection Reduced from 1 Hour to 5 Minutes

Prior to using SignNow, it took GRBM at least an hour to get a single document signed. The time and costs for collecting document signatures increased whenever traveling to meet a client in person was necessary. With SignNow, uploading documents, merging them and assigning fields to recipients takes 5 minutes tops.


“We often use in-person signing (Kiosk Mode) just to make sure nobody misses any fields. The system basically forces you to complete all necessary fields”.

Opening documents for the first time and completing them with 100% accuracy means no extra meetings with clients, no ASAP emails and no urgent calls after office hours for missing information or incomplete forms.

Managing everyday workflows with SignNow means less time spent on document preparation:

“I find the sending side to be extremely easy to use. You just drop the fields, check marks etc. It’s all very intuitive”

When you have to create every new document from scratch, per the specific needs of a client, time spent on document preparation becomes a vital factor. With SignNow’s Drag & Drop tools, creating new documents with custom fields and information is only a moment’s work.

Annual Paper Savings of Over $6,000

The time an employee invests in a task that could have been completed sooner will always cost their business in the long run. If an employee has to spend an hour collecting handwritten signatures for a contract and NDA, compared to 5 minutes with e-signing – the costs amount to over $20 per document! Not to mention the costs of paper, toner, ink, etc.

“Previously we were on auto-delivery of 5000 sheets of paper a month. Now we’re lucky to use 10,000 sheets of paper a year.”

Today, not many businesses have enough time to sit down and calculate their ecological footprint. However, once an office goes paperless and all document processing and storage takes place in the cloud – the changes in efficiency and productivity are undeniable: “Before using SignNow, we used to have large filing cabinets in the office, and now we don’t have any of them. We’ve been able to utilize that space for more desks to allow us to grow in our existing space.”

“I recommend SignNow all the time. It’s a great product at a very good price, and it’s also so easy to use. We’ve compared many other options out there and I believe SignNow is a better product at a better price. We save almost 300 hours per year. Using rough wages and paper costs: we’re saving over $6,000 by using SignNow”.


Start your free trial of SignNow today and find out how you can optimize your schedule while cutting office costs at the same time!