The lazy user’s 3-tool guide on automated document management

You were expecting much more when you made the switch to digital document management.

But even now, with all of these so-called ‘user-friendly’, ‘extremely convenient’ and ‘unbelievably quick’ tools – you’re still required to perform plenty of actions in order to manage your digital documentation.

We feel your pain – so we prepared a list of SignNow’s tools that will completely eliminate the need for you to perform those extra processes when creating, tracking and signing your documents.


Convert a document into a reusable template

Stop manually filling out a new form every time you need to create a repetitive document. This is a waste of time, and you know it.

Instead, use the ‘Create a Template’ feature to convert any document into a reusable template. This feature allows you to reuse the same layout of a particular document. You can then send multiple invites, create signing links, and much more.

Сreate prefilled templates to eliminate the hassles of editing documents every time you need to generate additional copies. Whenever you need to fill out a document, simply use your template to generate a new copy and then add any specific information wherever needed.


Send a document to multiple recipients all at once

Streamline your document signing process by automatically sending necessary documents to a specific group of individuals. Forget about the need to manually resend a document to each recipient.

To do this, simply create an Excel spreadsheet containing the emails of the signature recipients. Name the list under cell A-1 on the spreadsheet, and insert the emails in one row. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

After that, go to the ‘Template’ folder in SignNow. Click the ‘More’ button next to the document you want to share to get signed by multiple users and select ‘Bulk Invite’. In the pop-up window, choose the ‘CSV Upload’ icon and select the spreadsheet with the list of emails.

Once you have uploaded the document, indicate the name of the column that has your signers’ emails and click on ‘Ok’.

Be sure not to forget to name the document. Below the name field is a space for indicating the names of the documents that are stored in this folder. Click ‘Choose Existing’ and select ‘Bulk Invites’. Finally, click on ‘Send Bulk Invites’.


Set automatic reminders and expiration dates for signing documents

This way, you don’t have to remember the list of all the recipients, check whether or not you sent them the document, whether they signed it etc.

Moreover, the recipients will never forget about signing, because SignNow will kindly remind them on your behalf.

When you’ve edited a document and are ready to send it out to be signed, indicate in how many days and how often a reminder should be sent. On the specified days, the recipient will receive an email with a reminder to sign the document.

To make sure your document is signed and completed on time, you can also set an expiration date and extend it if need be.

You will also be notified instantly if a recipient refuses to sign a document by selecting ‘Decline To Sign’. Once a recipient clicks the ‘OK’ button, confirming their ‘Decline To Sign’, you will receive an email informing you of the decline and the recipient’s reason.

Got it? Great! Now go and experience the amazing feeling of shifting your responsibility to a digitally automated tool instead of having to constantly rely on the “human factor”.