SignNow allows you to reuse your documents by creating templates

Converting a document into a template allows you to reuse the same layout of a particular document to send multiple invites, create signing links, and more.

First, you should start by performing the basics. Login to SignNow, and create or upload a document. You can then play around with text and signature fields, sizing and other tools you wish to use. After you have finished, click ‘Done’ and then click ‘More’, which is next to your document in the Bulk Archive. Select ‘Make a Template’, create the template name and then click ‘Create Template’. You can then move the template to the appropriate folder to share it with your targeted audience.

The ‘Create a Template’ feature allows you to set up a primary document from which all targeted users can generate new copies.

This way, you do the work and others can easily use and modify the document without being distracted from urgent tasks. There is no limit to the number of templates you can create.