signNow allows you to reuse your documents by creating Templates

If you often collect eSignatures for similar documents, you don’t have to re-upload them to signNow over and over again. Instead, you can create Templates for your most frequently used documents and simply generate a fresh copy whenever you need something signed.

Create a new Template or Document Group Template directly from the signNow dashboard.
Click Uploadand Create to upload a document from your device. Your document will be automatically saved to the Templates folder.

Alternatively, you can select an existing signNow document and convert it into a template by clicking Make Template. In the new pop-up window, enter the template’s name and click Create Template.

Your document is now saved to the Templates folder where you can access it anytime, send it for signature, or generate a shareable signing link.

If you’re using signNow as a team, you can also view your team’s templates in the Shared Templates folder.
To share a template with your team, click Share with Team and select the team you’d like to share it with.

Watch the video below to learn how to create and use Templates:

Speed up your document workflows with signNow