Sales optimization specialists single out SignNow as the handiest e-signing application


RingDNA is known for their powerful but easy-to-use applications that are consistently cited as top solutions by the G2 Crowd software rating platform. Ring DNA’s client database includes Amazon, Twilio and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

RingDNA has offices located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Both use the SignNow digital platform on a daily basis for nearly all types of documents – from employee contracts and NDAs to customer upsell orders and customer renewal orders.

As RingDNA offers the most cutting-edge sales and communication solutions to businesses across all sectors, it comes as no surprise that they were among the earliest adopters of e-signing and digital workflow management:


We started searching online for e-signing options as early as 2012 and found SignNow soon after. Also, it was recommended to us by one of our early Company Advisors.

— Kanwar Saluja, Chief Operating Officer

RingDNA staff puts the features and functionalities of SignNow to use in everything that concerns e-signing and document delivery:

sending any type of document

When sending any type of document for e-signing


Issuing reminders, resending invites, forwarding invites

customizing messages

For customizing messages

Adding carbon copy

Adding carbon copy recipients and more

As the company is rapidly growing and expanding its scope of business, SignNow has become especially handy in everything that concerns HR management and recruiting.

RingDNA is constantly bringing on new staff, that’s why digital management of recruiting and onboarding must be lightning-fast, efficient and straightforward:


We needed an easy-to-use signing application that would require no additional training for our new hires. SignNow was the perfect fit!

If we had to describe RingDNA’s experience with SignNow in one word only, that word would be EASY:


SignNow is extremely easy to use. Especially fast is inserting text fields and signature blocks. Inviting a contact to e-sign is also quick, no matter how many people have to sign. The ability to quickly locate the documents we’ve used previously allows us to initiate e-signature workflows in seconds.

Recommended to RingDNA back in 2012, SignNow is the e-signature solution that RingDNA recommends to both clients and partners today:


I recommend SignNow because it just works so well, it scales perfectly and is extremely cost effective!

— Kanwar Saluja, Chief Operating Officer