5 ways to win more deals using an e-signature solution

Wet ink signatures require dozens of actions to be done before both parties can finally sign that final piece of paper.

Switching to electronic signatures has obvious advantages over having to physically sign your documents – like greatly shortening your sales cycle, and having higher conversion rates (just to name a few). E-signatures also have long been acknowledged as both legally binding and court-admissible, providing stronger evidence and reducing the risk of legal disputes. So it’s no surprise that businesses across all sectors are switching from traditional paperwork to e-signing platforms.

Earlier, we highlighted the major e-signature implementation trends for businesses in 2019.

In this post, we’re going to look at several non-obvious, yet simple ways you can speed up your contract process, win more deals and maintain a high ROI across your teams using e-signatures.


Close contracts once and for all without having to redo a single signature

The problem with physical documents is that having to redo just one signature can cost a company the same price as printing out an entire .new document.

Even though your employees may triple-check whether their documents are sent, signed, and stored correctly – mistakes will still slip through the cracks. And these mistakes can make costs pile up fast. On average, the total cost of having a document re-signed can range somewhere between $4 and $24 per document.

The use of electronic signatures reduces the cost of a single re-signed document to $1.20. After having re-signed 100 documents, using e-signature technology can save you between $280 and $2,280!

An e-signature solution fixes errors faster and at a lower price.


Use an e-signature solution to create a flexible customer experience

Because electronic documents are in the cloud, you can make any modifications your clients request in seconds, and from any device.

Additionally, as you and your team learn more about the needs of a client, an e-signature solution lets you quickly adjust the agreement terms.

Using a reliable electronic signature solution saves your time and provides an overall better customer experience.


Reactivate prospects and make it easy for clients to properly fill out documents

E-signature platforms enable you to send prompts, reminders, and personalized messages powered by document tracking – reactivating your silent prospects and turning them into clients. In addition, prospects who may have indicated they are not interested or who have gone silent may find their way to your documents later on down the road.

A good e-signature solution also secures more accurate data collection.

For example, let’s say you want the recipient to fill out specific fields in an online form. Instead of emailing them, sending them threatening letters, or having to meet them in-person to clearly explain what you need, you can just use SignNow’s ‘Required fields’ feature.


Boost your team’s productivity

Using an e-signature solution when working with your documents is a great way to boost your team’s productivity.

And here you have quite a lot of pros. One of which, is that you can give yourself some “breathing space” by managing parts of your colleagues’ work without the need to constantly meet them in-person.

SignNow provides you with team collaboration tools for organizing and centralizing tasks that can be solved 100% online.


Create teams for cooperating on particular documents. You can create SignNow teams for individual departments within your organization – like HR, Legal, and Sales. This allows you to control the access to documents within specific departments (for example, restricting access to contracts meant only for the Legal team) and also to share other documents across your broader organization.


Create the organizational dashboard. From the organizational dashboard, you can see all of your users’ and documents’ stats, including documents created, documents sent for signing, documents completed, average completion time, and number of invite receipts.

With SignNow, you can also set advanced options for teams: add a team admin, remove users and transfer document ownership.

Increase customer trust by creating personalized professional-looking documents

Creating consistent imagery across your logo, website, social networks and documents is an easy win that can help you build trust with customers.

Electronic document solutions allow you to create customized signing invites, emails and documents that reflect your company’s branding. Use details like the names of your audience, company information, and branding to create personalized, professional-looking documents that’ll require little time from the Sales or Marketing teams.

SignNow helps individuals and businesses cope with tiresome and nerve-racking processes such as contract signing.

This easy to use and cost-effective e-signature solution is a reasonable choice for those who want to create and sign documents anytime and anywhere as needed – from any internet-connected device.