Create a team with SignNow and distribute documents among different departments in your company

Those seeking to create clear-cut and organized separation across the many departments in their company, can finally optimize their teamwork by using SignNow’s ‘Create a Team’ feature.

SignNow teams allow you to send, sign and manage documents across your entire organization. The team admin can manage and create templates for team members and monitor the status of documents that have been sent out for signing. The team admin can also add or remove people from their team.

Start by clicking the ‘Create New Team’ button. Name the team and insert the emails of the individuals you want to invite. Complete this step by choosing the ‘Add Team’ button. Then, you should return to your documents by clicking ‘Back to My Documents’. Go to ‘Templates’ and click the ‘More’ icon next to the document that you want to share with your team. Select ‘Move’ and then choose who you want in the specific team.

Note that the email owner will be getting an email separately, since everyone has to accept the invitation to be a part of your team.