What are SignNow’s Microsoft Integrations?

With SignNow, you can combine e-signature with Microsoft’s apps, including Microsoft Office 365 Outlook, Word, SharePoint/OneDrive for Business, and Dynamics CRM. From adding fields from Word to exporting SharePoint documents, SignNow brings power and convenience to your favorite Microsoft apps.

Learn about SignNow’s Microsoft Integrations in more detail below:

SignNow for Word

With SignNow for Word, you can add text, signature, initial, and drop-down fields to your Word documents, and also directly upload those documents to your SignNow account:

  • Quickly upload, sign, save, and manage your documents directly in your SignNow account from a Microsoft Word file
  • Simplify inserting SignNow fields by creating fields with existing text in Word
  • Copy and paste fields into Word for easier and simpler placement

SignNow for SharePoint/OneDrive

With SignNow for Sharepoint, you can easily send documents directly from SharePoint to SignNow to speed up and optimize workflows:

  • Export documents directly from SignNow
  • Choose multiple documents for bulk export
  • Select and click to export files to SignNow… it’s that easy!

SignNow for Dynamics CRM

With SignNow for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can invite signers directly from within your customer relationship management (CRM) application:

  • Select from any of your templates in SignNow, including team templates
  • Specify the email address for each signing role, and customize the subject and email message
  • Track the status and activity of all documents that have been sent for e-signature from within Dynamics

If you have any questions about SignNow’s Microsoft integrations, please call us at 800-831-2050, or contact Support here.