Choose SignNow’s iOS App for Your Organization

Mobile devices have changed the way organizations do business. Going mobile helps employees be more productive, connected, and innovative. Many employees don’t need to wait at their desk for emails to be sent or customer calls to be taken — professionals are now on-the-go with their mobile devices.

Today, most customers expect flexible and simple user experiences from their services; customer onboarding has to be fast and convenient. By adding SignNow’s iOS app to your customer onboarding, sending, and signing processes, you and your team will be able to engage with customers and close deals faster, in just a few clicks.

Useful iOS Features for Your Organization:

Upload and manage your documents.

You can upload your document directly from your mobile device, whether you’re uploading from your photos, Dropbox, Egnyte, Salesforce, Netsuite, or iCloud Drive. SignNow’s iOS app accepts all types of documents, including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, and more.

Add your signers.

You can invite one or multiple signers to your documents. You can either add signers from your contacts list, or by entering signer’s email addresses on the fly.

Send documents out for signing, and get quick e-signatures.

After adding signers, you can insert signature, text, date/time, or check mark fields into the document for your signers to complete. Next, you can send the document out for signing. Your recipient will receive an email with the link to your e-signature document.

Create multiple teams.

With SignNow’s iOS update, you can manage up to multiple teams directly from your mobile device. You can add up to multiple different teams, add team members, and manage all team activity as an admin.

Use signing links.

One of the most efficient and simple features in the iOS app is the option to send ‘signing links.’ Signing links allow you to send the document to other signers on your behalf, as well as change the settings so your signer can sign the document as a guest.

Connect your Netsuite or Salesforce accounts with SignNow on mobile.

With SignNow’s mobile app, you can manage all of your Salesforce or Netsuite data without ever having to leave SignNow. Now, you can access all of your important data, contracts, and forms all in one platform. Simply login to your Netsuite or Salesforce account when logged into SignNow; for more information on connecting your Netsuite or Salesforce account to SignNow, visit here.

What’s more, if you already have a web account with SignNow, then all of your documents and transactions will automatically be synced to your SignNow mobile app, which gives you a seamless experience between both platforms. Additionally, with SignNow for iOS, you can sign and send documents anywhere and anytime, regardless of wifi connection through offline signing.

If you’re thinking about going mobile at your organization, then you’ve come to the right place. When you choose SignNow for iOS, you’ll notice an incredible improvement in your sales, customer experience, employee engagement, and customer onboarding.

Interested in a free trial of the new SignNow iOS Version 6.9 app? Download the app from the Apple Store and start your e-signature process today. Visit SignNow’s University page for more information about the iOS app.