How to Keep Customer Data Safe with SignNow

Recent cyberattacks and malware threats have become the new “norm” in this digital era. Cyber attackers hack into company accounts and threaten business reputations by obtaining business email addresses, online banking passwords, and sensitive identity information. The IRS reported a 400% increase in phishing and ransomware attacks during 2016’s taxing season; no organization should ever have security damages and data breaches that expose their sensitive data and property.

At  SignNow, keeping customer data safe and secure is our top security priority. Read on to learn about SignNow’s approach to keeping customer data protected and absolutely secure 24/7.

SignNow offers flexible deployment options.

Businesses often utilize cloud applications, however, keeping sensitive documents secure and protected may seem a bit nerve-wrecking. Thus, finding a flexible e-signature solution is crucial. Fortunately, SignNow offers affordable and secure e-signature services, and offers the option to deploy services in a public or cloud, or on-premises behind your firewall, for example.

SignNow offers robust integrations.

With SignNow, you have the flexibility to simply and quickly migrate from one integration to another, such as Netsuite, Salesforce, G-Suite, Google Drive, and many more. SignNow’s integration features and flexibility options ensure that your business will always move forward, and we’ll fully eliminate security risks without hurting your business or employees.

SignNow is HIPAA Compliant and provides world-class security.

Providing top quality security is something we take pride in at SignNow. With SOC 2 Type II, which guarantees that a service organization meets or exceeds industry standards for security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality and privacy of a system, and access to Barracuda Networks world-class IT security options, SignNow is highly equipped to offer one of the most secure e-signature solutions available.

In SignNow, documents are stored in our secure cloud for a fully private solution. SignNow documents are also legally binding and exceed the security and authentication requirement of ESIGN. Additionally, SignNow is HIPAA Compliant, which means that more customers will reach compliance requirements across all industries. HIPAA also creates a tamper-evident signing process, so that your signature is secure and confidential at all times.

Are you interested in learning more about SignNow’s security features? Do you want to signup for a free trial and take advantage of our e-signature features? Visit our corporate site for more information.