Manage Documents in Salesforce or NetSuite from SignNow’s iOS App

Get documents signed faster and manage all of your data without ever having to leave Salesforce or NetSuite! With SignNow’s recent iOS Version 6.9 update, SignNow users can access and manage all of their Salesforce or NetSuite data directly from their iPhone. SignNow integrates directly with Salesforce and NetSuite so that users can manage and store all contracts in one place, as well as see who has opened, viewed, and signed the contract.

What are the benefits of integrating NetSuite with SignNow on iOS?

  • Increase user productivity with a single sign-in between SignNow and NetSuite.
  • Ensure your team is synchronized between SignNow and Netsuite.
  • Provide key Netsuite information directly onto your mobile device.
  • Track customer communications and attach any SignNow documents onto NetSuite.

What are the benefits of integrating Salesforce with SignNow on iOS?

  • Access and manage business contracts and close deals faster than ever from your phone
  • Get documents signed faster and increase conversion rates.
  • Send, sign, track, and securely store your documents without ever leaving Salesforce.
  • E-signed documents and audit trails are saved automatically even after the process is complete.
  • Place Salesforce data on documents automatically and maximize staff efficiency.

How to connect Salesforce or NetSuite with SignNow on iOS?

Streamline your workflow instantly by connecting your iOS SignNow account to Salesforce or NetSuite! It’s very simple to sync the platforms with your mobile SignNow account. For a brief step-by-step overview on syncing your accounts, follow our instructions below.

Salesforce or Netsuite Integration Steps:

To connect NetSuite or Salesforce with SignNow, simply install the recent Version 6.9 software update for SignNow, login to your SignNow on iOS account, and visit your SignNow ‘Documents’ dashboard. Then, click on any document that you’d like to save to your Netsuite or Salesforce accounts.

Next, click on either the NetSuite or Salesforce icons. You’ll then be prompted to enter your account logins and verify your account through a verification code. Lastly, you’ll be taken to your Salesforce or NetSuite account and will be able to access and manage all of your data. From there, you can manage all of your account data without ever leaving Salesforce or NetSuite! It’s that easy.

Need help using SignNow for Salesforce or NetSuite on your iOS app? Learn how to use SignNow with NetSuite or Salesforce on iOS at SignNow University.