Introducing the signNow Academy: set up and manage eSignature workflows in minutes

We’re happy to announce the launch of the signNow Academy! A place for anyone to better grasp the ins and outs of eSignature and to learn how to set up and manage eSignature workflows with ease.

Why study with the signNow Academy?

According to a recent survey, 64% of business owners and 31% of individuals use eSignature at least once a month. eSigning a document can be done with a simple stroke of your finger across your smartphone’s screen.

As simple as electronic signatures are, they’re a part of a larger process known as a digital document workflow. And because of this fact, your eSignature solution should do more than just allow you to create and apply an eSignature to a document. For a streamlined and hassle-free experience, you need functionality that allows you to add recipients, set expiration dates, get notifications upon execution, and even the ability to route your documents in a number of different ways.

The signNow Academy’s goal is to teach signNow users how to speed up routine processes, save time and resources, and enhance collaboration on forms and contracts.

Learn how to:

  • create eSignature workflows on any device, share them with others, and track actions;
  • turn your documents into reusable templates and save time;
  • create teams, share document groups with them, and track document execution.

Courses included in the program

Discover the benefits of advanced eSigning and learn how to save time and increase efficiency by streamlining eSignature workflows with the signNow Fundamentals certification program.

The signNow Fundamentals certification program consists of three courses:

bitmap Introduction to signNow which explains what an eSignature solution is, the key features one should have and how to use them, and how different industries can benefit from implementing an advanced eSignature solution. In addition, take a tour around a signNow account and how to use it. After completing the course, you’ll be able to identify what business workflows you can enhance and streamline with signNow.

signNow Documents from A to Z helps users understand signNow features in detail as well as provide comprehensive guidelines on how to apply each of them. You’ll learn how to upload and edit documents in your signNow account, send these documents for signing, and how to eSign them from different devices.


Mastering signNow documents and teams presents guidelines for creating document templates, Document Groups, and what you can do with them in signNow. After the course, you’ll be able to create reusable templates and send them for signing to individual or multiple recipients as well as save time by collaborating on documents and Document Groups with your Team members.

What you get after finishing the signNow Academy courses

After finishing the certification program, you’ll know how to enhance eSignature workflows to benefit your business, the fundamental principles of signNow, the key elements of your Homepage, and how to configure your account settings for further use. You’ll also get familiar with signNow’s key features for working with documents, templates, and Document Groups as well as different ways to send documents and sign them – on mobile or desktop.

At the end of each course, you’ll get a verified certificate and after finishing the entire program, you’ll get a verified program certificate. Post your certificate on LinkedIn or add it directly to your CV or resume’.

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