SignNow Releases Version 6.9 on the iOS App

SignNow released version 6.9 on the iOS App to the Apple Store on July 26. Version 6.9 contains a variety of brand new features, including business premium subscription tiers, full CFR compliance, signing links, and much more.

We’ll give you a breakdown of each of the features below:

Business Premium Subscription Tier

  • New $19.99/$179.99 subscription tier that unlocks NetSuite and Salesforce integration, Multiple Teams, Kiosk Mode and Signing Links.


Title 21 CFR Part 11

  • Full CFR Part 11 compliance support including 2FA for invites, session inactivity timeout, and signer name requirement.

Signing Links

  • Generate Signing Links from the iOS app


Lock on Exit

  • Users now have the option to require authentication after leaving the app for a specified time.