A fertility pharmacy sees a 600% improvement in time after switching to SignNow’s electronic signature process

A fertility pharmacy sees a 600% improvement in time after switching to SignNow’s electronic signature process

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy is a fertility pharmacy based out of Somerset, New Jersey. They specialize in shipping fertility medications across the country directly to patients, which requires a robust and secure compliance and signature process. 

We spoke with Christina Malanda, Compliance and Quality Assurance Officer, to learn how SignNow has helped the Mandell team create a streamlined process. 

What Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy does

Mandell’s was founded after its owners struggled with infertility. Today, they are dedicated to making the fertility process as seamless as possible for many patients around the United States. 

When a doctor prescribes a patient with a fertility medication, that prescription is sent to Mandell’s and then Mandell’s works directly with the patient. Mandell’s offers 24/7 support, competitive prices, and an easy fulfillment process so that patients can have some peace of mind when going through fertility treatment. 

Because of the nature of working with healthcare providers and patients, there is a lot of sensitive data that is exchanged. Mandell’s must adhere to HIPAA and other compliance regulations, and must keep patients’ personal data secure. 

The need to remain compliant and secure, plus a desire to streamline the paperwork process led the Mandell’s team to seek out an eSignature and automation solution. 

From another eSignature app to SignNow

The traditional pen-and-paper and snail mail process just wasn’t working for Mandell’s.

“We had to send out papers to every patient to have them sign and mail back to us. It was difficult to get a signature if a patient wanted it waived on their package. Sometimes we could send patients a PDF via email which they had to print, scan, and mail back to us. It was a lengthy process and we really wanted to simplify it.”

Christina Malanda, Compliance and Quality Assurance Officer at Mandell’s

In their search for an electronic signature application, Mandell’s first settled upon another solution in the market, which they prefer not to name. 

“When we were using a combination of a different electronic signature app and paper, we had a six month lag. It took about five minutes to send one single document to one patient. We couldn’t bulk send and had to add prescription information to every single document,” explains Christina. “And with paper, we couldn’t keep track of anything. It was so disorganized.”

After some time working with the other eSignature app, the Mandell’s team realized they simply needed something more efficient. 

“We ended up switching to SignNow because we found it to be a better product for a better price,” says Christina. 

Significant time savings 

Since switching to SignNow in 2020, the Mandell’s team has seen truly impactful improvements in their paperwork process. 

“We are saving a ton of time with SignNow,” says Christina. “With the first company we used, we had to send paperwork to each individual patient, and with SignNow we can utilize their bulk send feature and send paperwork to hundreds of patients per day. It has helped tremendously.” 

A big challenge that Mandell’s team faced prior to online document signing was the inability to line up when signatures and deliveries were occurring. Some patients were receiving a delivery confirmation form six months after receiving a prescription and could not even remember what they received or when. It made it hard to process and keep track of who was getting what. 

“The delivery confirmation process is critical in terms of remaining compliant and also in case of auditing,” explains Christina. “We need to confirm that patients got what they needed, otherwise we’d need to call patients individually and get this information in retrospect. With SignNow, we can get the delivery confirmation signed instantly and we have the documentation on hand and can get on with the auditing process.” 

SignNow has also helped deliver a better experience for patients. They can easily eSign documents and move forward with their fertility treatment without being asked to keep track of or remember what medications they received and when. 

“SignNow is faster, more streamlined, and more easily accessible,” says Christina. 

Stand-out SignNow features

When asked to talk about her favorite SignNow features, Christina focuses on two that have made a significant difference:

  • Bulk sends. “The bulk send feature is great and is extremely helpful with delivery confirmations, because that’s a majority of what we send out,” says Christina. 
  • Editable documents. “Because we use the bulk send feature so often, it’s really helpful to be able to edit a document right before sending it in case we need to specify a person or a specific date. It’s really useful to be able to edit in real-time,” says Christina. 

At the end of the day, the Mandell’s team wanted to make it easy for patients to choose whether or not to waive a signature at the point of delivery.

“Now, we need patients to sign a signature waiver before we’re able to send out their medications,” says Christina. “The process of getting that signature used to take at least 30 minutes for every single patient. With SignNow, it takes less than 5 minutes. We’ve saved so much time and it’s made a huge difference for us. I absolutely recommend SignNow to anyone searching for a secure, compliant, easy-to-use document signing service.”

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