Tips on choosing the right e-signature solution for your small business

e-signature solution

Whether you’re operating in real estate, healthcare or tech, e-signatures have become the gold standard for efficiency and simplicity.

As a small business, you’re constantly looking for ways to make your dollar go as far as possible, and the solutions you rely on to drive revenue are no exception.

E-signature software brings convenience and coherence to document processes: from collecting and distributing employee applications, to closing contracts, and even filing taxes – each platform comes with its own set of pros and cons.

That’s why taking a little time to review the range of e-signature providers on the market is always a good idea.

Here are some tips to help you make the most informed decision possible when deciding which solution is right for your business.

Make sure your digital signature vendor has all of the necessary features

Complex issues require advanced solutions.

Need to create a fillable template for a frequently used document? Want your documents to be signed in a specific order with the ability to set roles for each signer?

Take the program that you’re looking into for a test drive! Most e-signature platforms offer a trial period, which is a cool way to find out more about their service.

Check if your e-signature platform integrates with other business solutions

Using integrations allows you to work faster and raise your business’s efficiency.

If you’re used to working with Dropbox, Word or Google Drive, you certainly don’t want to waste time adjusting to a new environment.

That’s why it’s important to confirm that your e-signature provider is equipped with a complete set of integrations.

Don’t forget about security

E-signatures are just as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

Therefore, higher levels of security must be established to keep your data safe. Check whether or not your e-signature vendor provides customers with an audit trail and password protected e-signing functions.

Still can’t make a decision? Here’s a tip. Sign up for a free trial from a popular e-signature provider, and test the important features to confirm that their software can handle the specific demands of your organization.

You can always compare the best e-signature services based on user ratings at G2 Crowd.

SignNow was named as a leading e-signature solution by G2 Crowd. What’s the reason?

For small businesses, it’s essential to maximize efficiency while remaining relevant with a constantly changing digital landscape.

SignNow’s e-signature platform allows you to send forms to your employees and collect signed documents from clients in the blink of an eye. No more cluttered, unorganized paper-based processes! SignNow also lets you sign from anywhere and at anytime: on mobile, desktop or in-person.

This means you can focus more on what’s next for other important aspects of your business.

I love how easy it is to send out contracts to my clients. I’ve only had one or two clients not know how to use SignNow when they received an email from me. When I encountered that, I just used SignNow’s helpful links to send to my clients in order to help them better understand how to use the platform and hence, sign the contract!

I also love the app since it gives me access to signed contracts, even when I’m traveling for business.

Philip M

This is what contributed to SignNow recently appearing in G2’s Best E-Signature Software list, which took third place with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars!

SignNow ensures document accuracy

We all know getting documents completed is important. However, it’s just as important that the information in those documents is 100% accurate.

SignNow assures accuracy and completion by guiding your signer through each document, so every section is finished correctly.

SignNow allows you to reap budget-friendly savings

You won’t find a better price for an e-signature platform than SignNow. Plus, the features you get with SignNow will make your e-signature experience fast, simple and efficient. SignNow starts at just $8 a month, which lets you have access to unlimited documents, create teams, templates and much more. In addition, your business will be spared the expense of printers, paper and ink.

SignNow for small businesses is the e-signature solution you need to get ahead. Collect accurate, cost-efficient documents while staying one step ahead of the digital business landscape by switching to an award-winning e-signature solution.