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Reasons why you should not pay more than $25 for an e-signature solution


Almost all e-signature providers have a set list of identical features necessary for conveniently processing documents – and about ten more features that are likely to ‘improve your user experience’. The thing is, savvy users know that they should never have to pay for even half of these additional features if it ends up costing more than a large cup of coffee.

Digital signatures have been around for a while now, and they’re not considered as something ‘unusual’ anymore. And the cost of using a simple e-signature platform isn’t expensive – or at least, it shouldn’t be.

Pay for what you really need and don’t be deceived by the traditional belief that ‘the more expensive – the better’.


These are the basic features you should look for when choosing a digital signature provider

So, you just received another set of documents to process. Now it’s back to the same old tiresome routine – you print them out, sign them, scan and email them, or meet someone in person to return the signed documents. After repeating this cumbersome process so many times, you can’t help but ask yourself if there is an easier way to do this – a more efficient way, that will help you better save your time, money and sanity. So finally, you decide to join the ranks of ‘digital signers’.

Ok, so the next step is to start looking for a digital signature provider. But here’s where you run into a real ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’.

You’re looking at platforms offering dozens of features you’ve never even heard of in your entire life. And they all claim they are compatible with even more vague-sounding integrations. And what’s more, the functions and ‘unique benefits’ provided by these platforms seem to be completely identical.

And of course, there’s the plans. They have the ‘business’ plan, the ‘basic’ plan, the ‘personal’ plan, the ‘personally basic’ plan – and even a plan referred to as ‘advanced solutions’, which by the way, even requires you to make a phone call if you want to get any information about it. Then there is the inconsistent pricing range that goes from $4 to $40 for an endless list of undefined benefits.

At the end of it all, your even more confused than when you started. But there is a way to navigate this labyrinth. You just need to know what to look for. Here are you’re main reference points.

1. Digital signature deployment should be quick, simple and intuitive. You should have the ability to e-sign documents on your desktop, mobile device, and even when offline. By letting users e-sign from virtually anywhere, SignNow speeds up document turnaround times by as much as 90%. Users get their documents signed in under 30 seconds by their customers, partners, and employees.

2. Digital signatures are supposed to imply a high level of security. Therefore, your digital signature platform has to be compliant with the necessary security measures. With a proper digital signature provider, you get absolute control over your e-signature workflow and document tracking. Check whether your subscription includes an audit trail and password protected e-signing. SOC 2 Type II certification is one of the best measures to keep your stored documents safely secured at all times.

3. Electronic signatures should be more cost-effective than the traditional pen and paper method. This means not only saving costs on postage, paper and mailing supplies. As it was already mentioned above, the concept of digital signature is not something really new and unusual. On the contrary, nowadays, this is a common tool for document management and processing. That’s why it is ridiculous to pay more than a large cup of coffee for an e-signature solution.

To better put this idea into perspective – SignNow’s Business plan will cost you $5, allowing you to quickly e-sign, upload and send out an unlimited number of documents. You are also able to check any changes made to your document with a complete audit log, password protect all documents and access any document from a mobile device.

The Premium Plan, which costs $15, provides users with advanced, yet clearly-defined features. You can get link protection from malicious cyber attacks, create unlimited teams in your organization, custom brand your documents etc.

You may also choose the Enterprise Plan which provides you with additional phone support, advanced threat protection (ATP), HIPAA compliance and other features necessary for enterprise-level business.


What you need to know about integrations

Users choosing an e-signature platform sometimes get confused when it comes to choosing what integrations they need. Because there are a lot of them out there, and you want to choose the right ones that will help you build and maintain a convenient workflow.

SignNow integrates with 21 different programs, including Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, NetSuite, Oracle, G Suite, Google Drive, Salesforce, Box, and many many more.

But there is a ‘select group’ of main integrations that can drastically expand your company’s market presence.



Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management program where you can “sell, service, market, and build apps on a single platform.” This integration helps companies track sales and customer relations, organize electronic documents, and send or sign documents all in one place.



NetSuite is also a CRM platform that offers more capabilities than the average industry platform. It includes customer service management and marketing automation, improved sales forecasting and integrated ecommerce, and many more advanced capabilities. The SignNow integration makes it easy to manage all of your electronic documents within NetSuite.



With G-Suite, you have the option to manage Accounting & Finance, HR & Legal, Marketing & Analytics and more. G-Suite gives you the opportunity to connect your email, calendar, and documents so everything is all together on one platform. With this integration, you can easily send electronic documents to G-Suite users with no extra steps.



Egnyte gives businesses the opportunity to connect, protect, and unlock the value of all their content. SignNow’s integration works with Egnyte Connect to securely integrate all of your company’s information with the ability to e-sign. Egnyte Connect allows you to securely access, share and manage all your files from an intuitive user interface, and go hybrid using a synchronized cloud as well as on-premises content.”

With a clear understanding of the features that e-signature platforms should provide, you will be able to avoid overpaying for your next e-signature product. If you focus on simplicity and convenience, you won’t end up being deceived by superfluous offers and you’ll be on your way to maximizing the efficiency of your workflow.

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