The top 5 perils of using an e-signature solution

e-signature solution

Digital clutter can be stressful. 

In 2018, it was observed that digital technologies were mentioned in divorce applications in 5% of cases. 

Also, people working with emails and phone calls saw a 10 point fall in their IQ, which is double of what was found among people who had smoked marijuana. 

So, what about digital workflow? 

At SignNow, we are concerned about how e-signature workflow affects your workspace well-being. 

So we found 5 reasons you’d be better off not using e-signatures.

1. You feel an extraordinary addiction to getting your ducks in a row

E-signatures exclude you from the exciting adventure of faxing, scanning and mailing documents. 

And these are the routine actions that give you the time to dream between an emergency meeting and preparing a weekly report. 

Also, don’t forget that shifting papers from one pile to another functions as meditation. And if you listen very closely, the sound of paper printing sort of sounds like a lullaby. 

So don’t deny yourself the pleasure of focusing on this tranquil routine. 

But be ready, because one day your copier may start jamming. 

So just keep that in mind.

e-signature solution

2. You want everyone to get off your back and pretend you’re engaged with an important task

Seventy percent of respondents who worked in technology admitted to sleeping during work hours. 

According to the latest studies, work in a modern office usually includes conditions of constant noise and fuss that can reduce the productivity of an office worker by 15%. 

This can also lead to a deterioration in his or her well-being by 32%. 

The reason is attributed to the open office layout, which was first used in the 1950s. Being in such a room, a person is too tense, and the brain is in constant activity, which leads to a waste of energy.

So instead of poking fun at a dormant colleague, let them sleep. While you, by drinking up that second cup of coffee, can focus on going through the mail. 

Although no one will disturb you, you do run the risk of reducing productivity by wasting time.

3. You feel incredible sympathy for your clients and try to stay in touch with them

Remember, an e-signature often eliminates the need to meet in person and significantly shortens the negotiation processes

For example, SignNow provides a freeform invites option to let your recipient participate in completing a document. Even multiple signers can sign electronically in a desired order. 

And of course, you’ll want to add a personal touch by arranging a meeting with your clients.


But there is a possible pitfall here: your clients get more efficiency and save time by e-signing. 

But at least you can call them more often to remind them about a missing signature, initial, or checkbox field. 

Oh wait, SignNow actually provides automatic reminders and notifications

Let’s just hope your clients still don’t know anything about this. 

4. You don’t regret spending money on cutting down trees

E-signatures reduce the need to use paper, and therefore, make it possible to go green and save space

E-signing also eliminates the cost of printer ink (ink is considered to be especially dangerous for the environment) and reduces the load on your device. You can actually stop printing and scanning altogether. 

Ultimately, this leads to decreasing the cost of consumables: paper, printer cartridges, envelopes, stationery and human labor, after all.

5. You’re madly in love with using pigeon post and you feel a strong need to sign with a quill and ink.