What’s Guided Signing and Free-Form Signing?

With SignNow, senders can create two different kinds of signing experiences: free-form and guided. Free-form signing allows the signer to place their own signature fields when signing the document, whereas guided signing allows the sender to place signature fields for their signer to sign.

It’s important to note that free-form and guided signing cannot both be used on the same document. For more information on this, visit University.

Guided Signing:

Guided signing is the standard document signing process in SignNow on web and mobile. Guided signing is when the signature fields are placed onto a document by the sender for the signer to sign. The signer is prompted to fill in or sign those required fields. For an example, please see the SignNow document below.

If you still have questions, visit this University article on guided signing.

Free-form Signing:

Free-form signing occurs when the sender doesn’t insert any fields before sending the document out for signature. Instead, when the signer receives the document, he/she inserts their own appropriate fields onto the document. Signers can drag and drop fields (Signature, Text, Date/Time, or Checkboxes) onto the document, adjust the field locations, and remove the fields, if needed. Using free-form makes the document sending process simpler and easier for the sender, too. For an example, please view the SignNow document below.

For more information on free-form signing, visit this University article.