signNow provides free and fair e-signature support for all SMBs working remotely

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In the last two weeks, signNow has been distributing free 3-month subscriptions to healthcare and educational institutions. Since the demand among healthcare specialists and educators for online tools continues to grow, we’ve been getting a massive response to these campaigns.

We also understand the need to extend signNow’s best-in-class tech support to the business community. The ongoing crisis has already provoked massive layoffs, market collapses and business shutdowns. A recent study noted that 27% of small business owners believe that the coronavirus will have an effect on their revenue. And 52% of businesses surveyed said they’re taking measures to prepare for an economic slowdown. They’re increasing prices, changing suppliers, decreasing operational costs and protecting cash flow.

In order to avoid destabilization and shutdowns, decrease operational costs and continue business development while working remotely, most businesses switch to online tools. A time like this is when document processing platforms and especially e-signature are critical.

What are the benefits of signNow for small and medium-sized businesses?

signNow actively works with small and medium-sized enterprises. Our users report that our services greatly reduce the time and costs previously used and wasted on repetitive document processing. 

With signNow they can create fillable templates for frequently used documents, set roles and signing orders, and easily integrate with 20 different programs (from CRMs to security and electronic document management programs).

signNow’s most useful features include:

list-item-1 Unlimited document templates

list-item-1 Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

list-item-1 Security and compliance with SOC 2 Type II, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and GDPR

list-item-1 Legally binding e-signatures and court-admissible audit trails along with detailed histories for each document.

Since signNow works on any device connected to the internet, businesses can send and sign documents with ease from anywhere anytime. 

Moreover, we pledge to deliver fair treatment and reasonable pricing amidst the coronavirus shutdown. signNow’s fair treatment pledge includes the following:

  • To never charge by the number of document transactions
  • To keep subscription prices within reasonable business limits
  • To not impose unfair limitations on the most widely used functions
  • To treat all customers with equal fairness
  • To never discriminate against businesses based on the grounds of their size/sector

“Adjusting to what businesses need has always been our top priority. Today, when businesses are trying hard to get the most out of remote work, online sales and home deliveries, we would like to reassure all our customers that we’re here to help you manage your business online. We’ll never attempt to capitalize on your inconveniences.”

Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate, the parent company of signNow.