The future of small business is mobile! How signNow’s eSignature boosts productivity

signNow’s mobile signature boosts productivity for a local gym

signNow Empowers Local Gym Owners to Keep Their Business Moving Forward Wherever Their Day Takes Them

BotGirl here! Today I’m so excited to tell you about how signNow helps two local gym owners save time, money, and be more productive.

Matt and Hannah, co-owners of a local gym located in Colorado, have many members, a full team of coaches, and they also have two kids and two dogs. As you can imagine, it’s important they are able to keep their business moving forward as efficiently as possible, especially when they’re on the go.

Whether gym members need to fill out and sign gym membership paperwork like a member liability waiver or personal trainer forms, or if Hannah and Matt need to sign an updated operating agreement or send an instructor contract to a new coach, signNow is here to help!

In the past, sending and signing gym membership forms would have meant a lot of manual paperwork, repetitive steps, and tracking down signatures. Fortunately, the days of printing, scanning, filing, and mailing documents are long gone.

The future of small business is mobile!

That means you can keep your business moving forward with signNow on your mobile device to go paperless, reduce costs, and accelerate signature processes by sending and signing documents anytime, anywhere.

Sounds amazing, right?

Let’s look at what this looks like for small business owners like Matt and Hannah.

Execute agreements and collaborate from anywhere

Matt and Hannah are able to seamlessly collaborate with their coaches on agreements and policy updates and personal training plans in real-time.

On average, businesses save 40 hours per month by handling their documents electronically. That means more time to focus on business strategy and less time spent on managing paperwork.

Control costs and expedite signature processing

As you know, manual processes are slow and expensive. With signNow, Matt and Hannah have the ability to create, sign, send, and track digital contracts on their smartphone from anywhere. Eliminating paper and streamlining document workflow processes empowers them to avoid costly errors and save an average of $24 per document.

It gets better –

Businesses that use signNow are able to grow their deal closing rate by up to 55% while increasing overall revenue.

Let’s break it down to see what this looks like:

First, Matt and Hannah easily create a simple eSignature workflow for new gym membership paperwork that includes a waiver. Because they use these forms on a regular basis, they chose to create a reusable template to save time for when they send out this form next. They’re able to speed up the time it takes to get their paperwork signed by new members since a member can sign from their mobile device – and members don’t even need a signNow account to sign! Finally, they feel confident knowing signNow is compliant with industry-leading standards, keeping their documents safe and secure.

How about another example –

Let’s say, they needed a document signed by multiple parties and in a particular signing order. With signNow, you can do that too!

Here’s how:

Matt and Hannah have personal training plans created for instructors to use for personal training sessions. With signNow, they can collaborate with instructors on personal training plans in real-time – allowing the instructors to put a few final touches on a document to better suit their individual client’s needs. Then, they can send this document out, first to the gym owners to sign, then to the instructor, and finally to the gym member. Matt and Hannah can even track the document’s progress to see when it was completed via the detailed Audit Trail.

Matt and Hannah love that they can manage their business processes right from their mobile device – whether they’re coaching at the gym or taking their kids to the park. With signNow for Mobile, they can save time and resources while meeting their business goals.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your #ProblemSolvedwithsignNow!