Go digital and boost efficiency with signNow for dental professionals

Go paperless and boost efficiency with signNow's eSignature for dental practice

Check out the benefits of eSignature for dental practices

BotGirl here! And I know just the way to make you smile today!

I’m heading to my local dentist’s office to help them digitize their paperwork processes. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds – signNow makes it easy to go digital.

I’m excited to meet with Judy, the office manager, to go over all their current forms and documents. These documents fall under three categories which helps us know how to organize them once they’re all digitized and uploaded into signNow as reusable templates.

Dental practice policies and procedures forms:

  • New patient intake forms
  • Teeth whitening waiver
  • COVID-19 patient screening forms
  • Estimate forms
  • Patient consent forms

HR department documents:

  • Office manager responsibilities
  • Policy updates
  • NDAs
  • Credentialing checklist
  • Job offer letter

Business/Quality documents:

  • Clinic audit forms
  • Dental assistant evaluations
  • Peer review form or performance review

What’s great about signNow for dental practices? 

Judy and her administrative team can collaborate on files and documents and see what updates have been made in real-time with signNow’s Audit Trail. They can easily drag and drop fillable fields like name, date, address, and signature for easy signing as well as create signing roles and orders when multiple signatures are required.

Now Judy is ready to start sending out documents for eSignature! Here’s what this looks like in a new patient scenario.

Judy opens the file with all the new patient intake forms and selects which files to send out for signature. She enters the patient’s name and email address and sends out all documents for eSignature in just a few clicks. There is no need to track down documents – Judy can see exactly when a patient opens the documents and she gets an email notification once all documents are completed.

Here are some benefits of going digital with signNow that Judy and her team love:


Time saved: Judy is happy to save time by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks. signNow users report an average savings of 40 hours per month by handling their signature workflows electronically and removing the need to print, scan, email, or fax.


Costs reduced and paper saved: They’ve been able to go paperless and save money by not having to print, ship, or store paper documents. On average, users save $24 per document by digitizing document workflows.


Streamlined processes: Digitizing documents and streamlining workflows make it easy to create and maintain patient records. Users enjoy 70% reduced data loss with required fillable fields and secure data management.


Automatic storage: With signNow’s document workflow, patient forms are automatically stored wherever they’re needed – Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and others. signNow allows you to integrate with the tools you already use and love.


Data stored safely and securely: Feel confident signNow keeps sensitive medical data protected with HIPAA compliance, dual authentication, and government agency level encryption.

What’s more?

Streamlining paperwork processes gives patients a great experience too. Now patients can quickly fill out documents from their home laptop or smartphone – no need to arrive early to fill out paperwork at the office. Instead, they simply open the link and can easily fill out documents – they don’t even need a signNow account to sign. Plus, signNow’s automated signing guidance makes eSigning easy, even for first-time users.

Wrapping up

signNow helps healthcare providers, like dental practices, to easily send, sign, and store documents containing sensitive medical information safely and securely, which saves time, resources, and creates an all-around better experience for patients.

And here’s what gets me the most excited –  with signNow, you can focus on patient care, not paperwork.

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