Stop wasting your time and money – find the right e-signature deployment for your business

e-signature deployment

Due to their rapid increase in popularity, e-signatures are no longer considered something “special” or “out of the ordinary” anymore.

So the question isn’t whether your organization should adopt an e-signature solution. The question is how to improve the usage of e-signatures within your organization to enhance internal and external business relations, improve the customer experience, and increase efficiency and security.

But when trying to choose the right e-signature solution, many businesses waste their time and money on unnecessary programs and installations. Your business can greatly benefit once you figure out which kind of e-signature deployment suits your workflow the best.

Let’s take a look at several e-signature deployment options and find the one that works best for you.

Mobile ‍or Web applications for common e-signature purposes

E-signature apps are great for organizations that don’t plan on conducting tons of signing transactions. They’re more ideal for single-sided documentation, such as sales contracts, HR forms and so on.

A great advantage here, is that an e-signature app can be used whenever and wherever you need it. You don’t have to have any complex IT or development resources on hand. This solution is all you need, and it provides you with plenty of features.

For example, SignNow’s app allows you to:

    • quickly and easily upload documents (including images or Word files and automatically converting them into PDFs);
    • set the signing order and assign roles for multiple signers;
    • generate templates of your most used documents and reuse them  as many times as needed;
    • complete forms by adding text, dates and signatures;
    • get notifications on who signed your document, when it was signed, and from what device with the document Audit Trail;
    • store documents in the cloud or archive and access them any time you need;
  • export files to the apps you use every day;

…and much more.

APIs for complex documents – such as credit applications, insurance claims, mortgages, etc

E-signature APIs are ideal for organizations that focus on and deal with complex workflows and high transaction volumes.

APIs provide advanced workflow customization so you can tweak and tightly integrate their functionality to fit even your most unique processes.

SignNow offers API features which allow developers to provision accounts, post documents, create signing invites, and much more. You can also use API to view the status on all current documents, such as required fields, user provision field data, full audit trails, and complete document structure.

Visit SignNow’s official API page to find out more about API for developers in more detail.

E-signature integrations: automate more actions without leaving the app

E-signature integrations help your organization grow the functionality of the business systems that your employees are already using by moving information between services.

Once implemented into workflows, integrations can help users get tasks done much faster, since they no longer need to leave the main app to use the features of other products.

e-signature deployment

‍The SignNow API integration with Salesforce allows users to easily request e-signatures, add the needed number of signers and set a signing order – all without leaving Salesforce. And with SignNow’s API integration with Oracle, you don’t even have to leave the Oracle cloud to arrange instructions for document signers, detailing where to e-sign and which specific fields should be filled in. In short, you spend less time preparing orders and invoices while simultaneously collecting payments.

Other SignNow integrations include NetSuite, G-Suite, Egnyte, Dropbox, Microsoft, Box, and more.

Avoid delays in your workflow and enhance your business operations by considering these e-signature deployment options.