Set up secure e-signature workflows with SignNow’s private cloud solution

private cloud solution

The rate of reaction time is crucial to the success of any business. That’s why organizations can no longer rely on paper-based solutions.

According to Forbes, the average digital document management system costs less than one-fifth of its physical paper counterpart. With thousands of documents being shared for e-signing and approval daily, more and more large and medium-sized enterprises are deciding to run their businesses in the cloud.

Setting up an automated, cloud-based e-signature workflow allows for faster document approval, but also raises the question of security — considering the large amounts of confidential data kept online.

The government imposes strict regulations on certain categories of businesses, such as healthcare and financial institutions, and requires them to take extra measures to prove the security of sensitive data.

This is when on-premise and hosted private cloud solutions come into play.

Now, let’s figure out which one suits your business best and why.


What’s the difference?

When an on-premise private cloud solution is used, a cloud environment is hosted in-house by your company’s IT department, and thus, is considered more secure.

On the other hand, it’s your responsibility to bear all the expenses on software licensing and hardware failures. Also, you should remember to keep your cloud up to date and compatible with modern applications.

Using a hosted private cloud means that it’s the solution provider who’s responsible for taking any necessary security and maintenance measures. In addition, you get a user-friendly dashboard and  qualified support to help resolve any technical problems.

It also allows you to save significant amounts of money, i.e. hardware and maintenance expenses.


What are the must-have features of a reliable private cloud e-signature provider?

  • Robust cloud deployment

The deployment should be easily adjustable so that organizations can conduct uninterrupted workflows within their existing corporate networks.

  • High level of compliance

According to the US and EU government regulations, a service provider has to be compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, PCI DSS, eIDAS, and 21 CFAR Part 11 digital security standards.

  • Security

The provider should meet industry standards for security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality and privacy (SOC 2 Type II certificate).

  • Full audit history and seamless integration with corporate applications via API.


Discover a trusted Vx appliance from SignNow

A virtual appliance (Vx), is an emulation of a computer system.

SignNow’s E-Signature Appliance is a box solution that helps businesses securely carry out sensitive tasks and store highly-confidential data within a preferred cloud platform, i.e. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or VMware.

The solution contains a secure and legally-binding e-signature manager deployed and managed on-premise. It meets the specific requirements of companies which choose to manage their business cycle internally.

Its key features include:

  • Send for Signature

Email PDF documents with a signature request and sign them with a digital signature.

  • Create templates

Create boilerplates for standard company forms and share them for signing.

  • Build signature workflows

Set signing orders and assign roles to recipients. Define in which order a document becomes accessible to the next signer.

  • Create signing links

Generate signing links to templates and distribute them to signers. Signing links expire once the signature request is fulfilled.

  • Track signature status

Get a full activity log for documents and signature requests. Monitor who opened and signed your documents. All activity is logged by IP, username, and timestamp.

  • Create and manage organizations

The SignNow E-Signature Appliance allows users to create different organizations within a box solution. Admins enable registration for other users and grant them various levels of access.

  • Backup and Restore Data

SignNow’s Vx Appliance provides functionality for keeping secure backup of all data engaged in SignNow workflows in any form.

The SignNow Vx Appliance is a standalone e-signing solution – fully adjusted for the specific needs and requests of internal business operations.

SignNow guarantees full support during e-signature appliance deployment and follow-up consultations for troubleshooting whenever necessary.