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signNow delivers a service that eliminates paperwork, optimizes business interactions, and allows individuals and small businesses to improve the efficiency of their e-signature workflows.

We invite IT service providers & resellers to partner with us by offering signNow to their customers. As our partner, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more when your customers get access to advanced solutions that soothe their business pains.

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Why put signNow in the hands of your customers?

signNow is capable of so much more than just allowing a user to certify a document or send it out for signing. With signNow, your customers can significantly increase their organization’s productivity with configurable role-based eSignature workflows, avoid learning a new system with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and save money while maximizing ROI — all with the confidence that industry-leading security and compliance standards are keeping their data safe.

signNow gives customers maximum control over managing documents from the past, in the present, and into the future. It offers an aerial view of their entire organization, every team member, and every action made, which is why it stands out amongst other eSignature platforms.

Because of its flexibility and excellent cloud-based teamwork capabilities, SMBs (small and mid-market businesses) can leverage signNow’s eSignature solution to rethink their entire document management and collaboration processes:

  • eSign documents on any device. Your customers can create their legally-binding e-signatures and save them for later use. Allow them to draw or type their signature, or upload an image of their signature from their smartphone or computer.
  • Simplify complex workflows. In signNow, users can arrange a document signing order for as many signers as they need in just a few steps. They can also enable/disable document forwarding, preset reminders, and set expiration dates and passwords for confidential documents.
  • Work without delays. Users can start editing documents in their office and finish from their mobile device, even while offline. All data is securely stored in a private cloud and is instantly synced with the signNow network as soon as their connection is restored.
  • Increase team productivity. signNow teams allow admins to create, share, and collaborate on documents and templates, and instantly track their status within a single secure place. Team admins can also easily add or remove people from their teams.
  • Reflect the company’s branding. signNow allows for sending custom brand email notifications to signers. Users can easily customize signing links and guide signers to their company’s website after a document has been signed.

On top of that, signNow offers many other cool features, including creating templates, role assignments, bulk sending, and more — along with a range of integrations and API opportunities.

Customer story: the case of EGS, Inc.

Business challenge

EGS, Inc. is a company based in Aiken, SC, with 150+ contract employees. The organization’s core operations include staff augmentation and government contracting as well as direct recruiting for companies nationwide that specialize in Engineering, Construction, and IT.

The company was looking for an inexpensive solution that would feature a full set of document management and esSgnature capabilities. The interface had to be understandable for all staff members and potential candidates, especially for those who are not so tech-savvy.

Suzanne Lipecky, a Senior Technical Recruiter at EGS, Inc. had been utilizing other e-signature solutions before signNow and found them to be either unreasonably expensive or impractical in terms of the features they were lacking.


signNow enabled Suzanne to digitize her paperwork, keep her records in one place, and gave her an easy way to customize, sign, and distribute documents directly to candidates. The tiresome and time-consuming process of hiring employees was replaced by a simple procedure of forwarding them a signing link to a document.

Suzanne saved herself hours of office time and managed to abandon scanning and faxing. The company, in turn, saved money on their consumption of ink, toner, paper, etc. Today, all candidates contacting EGS, Inc. save both time and money as they no longer have to print, scan, or fax documents to the office.


Going paperless was not their initial priority but rather a pleasant consequence of the company switching to signNow. As a result, EGS, Inc. now has an all-in-one solution that is both, simple to deploy and straightforward to operate.

signNow as part of airSlate Business Cloud

The airSlate Business Cloud is the ultimate suite of globally-recognized products with solutions that address a variety of use cases, spanning all industries. It helps businesses digitize and automate processes no matter how big, all within one holistic ecosystem of products. You can also sell any airSlate Business Cloud products to your customers as a partner.

Apart from signNow, these products include:


airSlate is an all-in-one, no-code solution that allows anyone to configure and automate any business process and integrate it into any system of record without writing a single line of code.

airSlate allows customers to maintain efficiency and reduce spending. It decreases the costs of configuration and speeds up workflow deployment by up to 10 times. airSlate has everything businesses need, from web forms to e-signature and payment collection workflows.

airSlate is the only platform that is natively multi-cloud, ensuring all workflows function across several cloud applications at the same time. Streamline workflows to improve data quality with real-time record updates.


One of the most popular cloud-based digital workflow platforms out there, pdfFiller allows users to author new or edit existing PDF documents just like they would a Word doc.

With pdfFiller, you can easily create, manage, modify, and store PDF documents online. Whether you need to generate or fill out a specific form and share it in order to collect client data and e-signatures — pdfFiller helps you handle all of these processes from any device.

Besides the ability to streamline document-driven workflows, the platform offers many valuable benefits, such as document branding, e-faxing, and secure storage facilities that meet federal compliance standards.

US Legal Forms 

US Legal Forms, Inc. is the leading online publisher of state-specific legal documents. The service makes it possible to purchase and complete business forms and legal documents online. Whether you’re an attorney, small business, or consumer, US Legal Forms can provide you with any state-specific legal document.

The US Legal Forms library contains over 85K unique US legal documents, including thousands of documents and forms that are not available online. The service also provides definitions and answers to legal questions.

It’s easy to use because of its catalog function and smart classification features. It works as a browser add-on, meaning you don’t need to download or install any extra software on your device.

What we have in mind when we say “partnership”

list-item-1 Guidance. The signNow Partner Program aims to accommodate different types of partnerships and business models. Your success is our priority; that’s why we’re always here to offer you support and tailored guidance.

list-item-1 Innovation. signNow, as well as other airSlate products, address modern needs with forward-thinking tools. Our Partner Program embodies the same principle — as a partner, we offer you the latest insights and resources to foster business growth.

list-item-1 Knowledge. We make sure you have everything you need to succeed. Access sales enablement materials, enroll in any airSlate Academy courses and get certified in business automation.

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