How industries benefit from the signNow eSignature solution: Real-life success stories of our customers

How industries benefit from the signNow eSignature solution

With digital transformation on the rise, it’s not surprising that more and more businesses are choosing in favor of eSignature adoption. In fact, the global market for eSignature is projected to reach 7.99 billion US dollars by 2027, which is an astonishing 8x increase from 1.10 billion in 2019. These figures indicate that more businesses are acknowledging the ability of digital signatures to replace costly and inefficient wet ink signing.

As a matter of fact, companies that use eSignature workflows report an average 80% reduction in document turnaround time and up to 79% savings in comparison to traditional, paper-based processes (considering the associated material, administrative, and shipping costs). signNow proves the rule requiring only 2 clicks to sign a simple document, which takes 10 seconds on average.

In this blog, we’ll focus on the benefits of signNow adoption that businesses across different industries enjoy. Let’s get started!

How good is signNow for different industries?

Electronic signatures proved their indispensable value during the COVID-19 crisis, allowing enterprises of all sizes to maintain operations thanks to remote workflows. Top that off with data safety concerns that emerge from storing paper documents, and you have plenty of reasons to go with an eSignature solution like signNow.

From government agencies and universities to wealth management firms and healthcare institutions, signNow ensures secure and valid document transactions across dozens of industries.

signNow industry-based stats

eSignatures empower customers from document-heavy sectors to develop their goals and save employees from burnout. No matter your industry, signNow is here to help you collect signatures faster and more securely.

How industries benefit from the signNow eSignature solution

1. Financial Services

The financial industry benefits from signNow by allowing customers to manage their financial operations remotely while enhancing data security, compliance, and audit transparency. signNow makes it fast and easy to fill out and eSign service request forms, disclosures, loan applications, credit reports, term sheets, and other documents.

Today, 16.7k financial companies use signNow to create and manage their day-to-day signature workflows. Banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms all enjoy increased overall performance and faster transactions with signNow’s eSignature solution. As a result, they achieve greater customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Here’s how signNow improves digital accounting:

PennyBooks, a UK-based digital accounting firm, was looking for an easy-to-use eSignature solution that would also offer GDPR compliance and custom branding capabilities. With signNow, they got all of the above and even more — a seamless eSignature integration with their in-house accounting solution via Zapier.  

Results achieved with signNow:

✅ Improved GDPR compliance for digital bookkeeping and secure document transactions
✅ Automated accounting workflows by means of integrating signNow with an in-house solution via Zapier.
✅ Increased brand visibility thanks to custom branding for corporate emails
✅ Improved customer experience with signNow’s intuitive interface.

“The ability to connect signNow to our other technology via Zapier was brilliant. Even for accountants like us, with no coding skills, we’ve been able to automate a lot of our onboarding and accounts finalization processes with the combination of signNow and Zapier”

Brendon Dallas,
Founder of PennyBooks

2. Government

Local, state, and federal governments choose eSignature to help them eliminate bureaucracy and reduce costs on manual document filing. signNow is a compliant and effective solution for government agencies as it allows them to significantly improve their response times and overall productivity.

As of today, 552 state and local government agencies of all sizes take advantage of signNow. Using our eSignature solution enables them to maintain high-security standards and set up cost-effective workflows instead of expensive and time-consuming paper-based processes. In this regard, signNow customers report saving up to $30 per document signed by eliminating paper, printing, scanning, and postage expenses.

Here’s how signNow streamlines signature collection for government:

The Southern Nevada Health District is a governmental organization providing regulatory supervision and health services in Las Vegas. When faced with the challenge of having to collect signatures from those diagnosed with COVID-19 and state-mandated to self-quarantine, the SNHD turned to signNow. Empowered with the ability to send and receive eSigned digital declarations, SNHD was able to collect signed documents in a safe and efficient manner at scale.

Results achieved with signNow:

✅ Ability to keep medical records HIPAA-compliant and secure  
✅ Real-time status tracking and secure cloud storage in OneDrive
✅ Ability to scale with reusable templates and track results with the Audit Trail
✅ Easily collect signatures without jeopardizing employees’ time and health.

“Within 15-20 minutes we had the form out there… I like it because the automation with OneDrive makes it nice and easy to get the data back. I’m able to go on the website and quickly see how many [eSignatures] we have per month.”

Jason Frame
Chief Information Officer at SNHD
How industries benefit from the signNow eSignature solution

3. Healthcare

Almost 60% of healthcare specialists name paperwork and bureaucracy as the burdens that distract them from patient care. Other research reveals that U.S. companies spend $812 billion annually on medical paperwork alone. signNow enables healthcare institutions to move from labor-intensive and costly paper-based procedures to fully digital workflows.

From patient intake and medical record information releases to insurance processing and appointment booking – signNow helps streamline a range of healthcare workflows. In addition to saving healthcare providers significant operational and managerial costs, signNow allows medical institutions to eliminate the risks associated with paper storage, reduce errors, and increase data security thanks to HIPAA compliance.

Here’s how signNow ensures HIPAA compliance for healthcare organizations:

Zionsville Eyecare, an optometry clinic in the United States, was looking to go paperless by allowing their patients to complete forms online before their visits. Zionsville Eyecare switched to signNow because they were looking for a HIPAA-compliant eSignature solution with affordable pricing.

Results achieved with signNow:

✅ Reduced paper costs by going digital with signNow
✅ Provided faster service and shorter wait times to their patients
✅ Eliminated document errors and ensured HIPAA compliance

“Using signNow, we feel the savings mostly in the time aspect. Reduction in labor hours previously spent on printing and scanning multiple documents during and after the patients’ visits is enormous! Also, we simply LOVE Kiosk Mode! It made our office life so much easier!”

IT Project Manager at Zionsville Eyecare

4. Insurance

Insurance companies use signNow to speed up signature workflows when processing insurance claims, applications, and policies. signNow offers a faster way for insurance providers to create interactive fillable forms. You can easily send them out for eSignature to one or multiple recipients while ensuring a smooth and intuitive signing process for customers. On top of that, it’s fast — about 59% of all documents sent in signNow are signed within one hour!

This way, an insured customer can manage their transactions online from any internet-connected device and return approvals, even on the go. The Audit Trail feature, in turn, helps insurers track the authenticity of documents and make sure they are not changed or tampered with by unauthorized parties.

Here’s how signNow accelerates form completion for the Insurance industry:

The Benefits Store, an insurance company from Temecula, CA, was looking for an affordable eSignature solution to easily integrate with their software stack. After testing several products they settled on signNow because it offered the best value for the money. The Benefits Store operates on a proprietary billing/enrollment system that draws data from customers’ online application forms. 

Results achieved with signNow:

✅ Accelerated the enrollment completion process for new customers
✅ Seamless integration via the signNow API
✅ Increased security thanks to HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 Type II certification

“We found signNow to be better priced and exactly the solution we needed. signNow has significantly accelerated our enrollment completion process – by a day or two, depending on each specific member.”

Jake Schroeder,
VP of Operations

5. Real Estate

Real estate professionals spend hours filing documents, negotiating contracts, and closing deals. Instead of waiting days for documents to be sent, signed, and returned, real estate agents and brokers leverage signNow eSignatures to get the job done in mere hours (or even minutes). In fact, real estate agents report collecting signed contracts 9x faster with signNow than with paper-based processes thanks to the ability to autofill documents and send them online instead of using courier services.

Over 1.2k real estate professionals using signNow benefit from a variety of eSignature integrations with software tools such as CRMs, data clouds, document management platforms, email clients, and others. Whether you work in residential or commercial real estate, property management, mortgage, or escrow, signNow has integrated solutions that boost your daily productivity and remove unnecessary hassles.

Here’s how signNow streamlines signature collection in Real Estate:

Colliers, a real estate firm from South Florida, needed an easy-to-use solution that would improve their process of collecting broker signatures on forms and contracts. After having negative prior experience with other eSignature vendors, they decided to try again after coming across signNow.

Results achieved with signNow:

✅ Accelerated signature collection on forms and contracts
✅ Improved document turnaround times 
✅ Reduced operational costs

“signNow has saved us time, money, and paper delivering a really fast ROI.”

Crystal Proenza,
Vice President of Marketing at Colliers
How industries benefit from the signNow eSignature solution

6. Higher Education

Over 13.2k educational institutions use signNow to streamline their document workflows. signNow’s eSignature solution enables institutions in both K-12 and higher education to collect signed permission slips, enrollment forms, contracts, and other documents online without having to ship paper or request in-person visits.

Hence, eSignatures eliminate excessive paper-handling costs and alleviate workloads for administrative personnel – all while providing a better digital experience to students, educators, and donors. signNow maintains industry-leading data safety standards, allowing you to track the status of documents in real-time, manage signed documents in one place, and keep audit logs in check.

Here’s how signNow helped manage remote education workflows during the pandemic:

Rend Lake College, a public community college in Southern Illinois, had to switch to remote learning during COVID-19. signNow was successfully introduced across multiple college departments to manage document workflows on campus. In addition to using standard eSignature workflows, Rend Lake College has also integrated signNow with SharePoint, which is part of their intranet. 

Results achieved with signNow:

✅ Faster document cycles and accelerated day-to-day operations
✅ Better remote work opportunities for college staff
✅ Improved document traceability and reduced clutter

”I don’t get much paper at all in the mail anymore internally for something to be signed. It all goes through signNow. That’s been a huge bonus.”

Cathy DeJarnette,
Executive Director of Administrative Services at RLC

Along with the industries mentioned above, signNow accommodates dozens more, including HR, Legal, High Tech, and Construction to name a few. Give signNow a try!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May, 2021 and was completely revamped and updated in June, 2022 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.