Why software companies choose the signNow API


Peter Germanov
Principal @ NowCerts
Salt Lake City, Utah
NowCerts.com is a software development company concentrating in the design and implementation of insurance-related solutions. They provide a fully functional, affordable, user-friendly Insurance Agency Management System designed with the independent agent in mind.


Peter and NowCerts needed an e-signature API that could deliver:


Easy implementation with their CRM


Ease-of-use for their customers, assuming they have no prior experience signing documents electronically.


Priced competitively for smaller businesses

NowCerts is a CRM for insurance agencies, many of which are just starting out. Both NowCerts users and clients have a need to send out documents. NowCerts needed an eSignature software capable of filling out insurance forms that their users and clients (the insured) can sign and then send out for signing.


The signNow API makes implementation with existing applications a breeze

“We use an iFrame to open signNow, then we bring a document over and open it up for editing. So yeah, we didn’t find any major hurdles,”
Germanov says about first implementing signNow.

NowCerts’ web-based CRM for insurance agencies sends out documents to clients on an enterprise account, so the API has to fit into NowCerts’ existing CRM workflow.

Insurance reps fill out documents that the insured need to sign before sending them out. When they send a document for signing and select an account, the document is open for editing and NowCerts is able to view the status of all docs sent as well as audit logs for verifying any changes. Customers add their signatures and send completed copies back, which the API automatically stores in NowCerts’ CRM customer records. Filling, sending and storing signed documents takes place in their iFrame, allowing NowCerts to process customer documents without ever leaving their CRM.


Customer support and reliability during and after implementation was crucial for us. We were working with a signNow rep at the time who really helped us out. From our perspective, signNow’s API is very stable.

Peter Germanov / Principal @ NowCerts

Consistent, affordable subscriptions for small and mid-size businesses that beat the competition

“DocuSign keeps changing license types and it ends up being very expensive,” explains Germanov. “Frankly right now, this is our only integration with eSignature software. It is used a lot by the hundred or so agencies and a majority of them are very happy with it. This is a good solution for them.”

With a number of eSignature APIs on the market, pricing is often the deciding factor, especially for smaller businesses in need of an API that will scale with their growth. “The phrase I use when I talk to people and they ask me how signNow is different from DocuSign — I compare them like Pepsi and Coke. They’re very much the same and this one is half price or a third of the price of a DocuSign license.”

An easy-to-use, intuitive interface supported with guides and resources designed for first-time users

On the topic of new users, Germanov notes that “Most of them get it, especially the ones that haven’t used the software before. We point them to the university site and all that stuff and they’re happy with it. And it helps us because it’s a requirement in the insurance industry, to get these forms signed and legally binding, so it helps us.”


Smooth implementation and support for new users at an ideal price point

“Compared to several hundred dollars NowCerts clients may have to plunk in for DocuSign or something like that, or even some of the other ones, they’ll get eSigning cheap if they have 10 million documents,” says Germanov. “But of course they don’t. Long story short, signNow’s API is very useful to our clients.”


Fostering business growth is what the signNow API does organically. NowCerts was able to easily implement the signNow API and not only provide eSigning for their clients, but a fully functional document editing and eSignature solution at a low-cost. New users get the assistance they need for a price that makes signNow the obvious alternative to other eSignature solutions.