Create e-Sign Ready Business Proposal Templates with SignNow

A precise and detailed proposal makes up the first phase of planning a business deal: a proposal should set the stage between a contractor and an owner, leaving room for further negotiation. Having a template that is ready to be filled out helps streamline the opening stage, saving time for project planning. With SignNow, contractors can turn a simple PDF into a template which can be used as many times as needed, both for minor tasks as well as big projects in three simple steps.

Step one: upload your standard proposal

Most contractors already have a go-to PDF that they can reference any time they need to plan their arrangements with a project owner. The SignNow PDF editor allows users to retain their company’s branding on an original PDF. There’s no need to create new forms or constantly be changing their design. Simply upload your standard proposal form and proceed to the next step.

Step two: Move your document to the Template folder

Once you’ve uploaded a document, it will appear in the list of your document folder. Click on the “More” button to the right and choose “Make template” from the dropdown menu.

Step three: Add smart fields to your template

Click on the document in the Templates folder and see what SignNow’s intuitive editor has to offer. Choose your field type from the column on the right and drag and drop it on the area of the document that you need filled out. Adjust the field dimensions to the margins of the area it should cover. You can add fields for Signature, Text, Date and Time, Initials, even Checkboxes and Dropdown fields. There’s a separate section where you can require a specific attachment to the document or you can mark every field as required, so no important details are overlooked.

Save the template and that’s it! It’s simple, easy and takes only minutes to prepare a proposal and send it out faster than anyone could expect. Get your business cycle streamlined with SignNow.