How you can use signNow for free

Initially published in August, 2017, updated in May, 2022

signNow’s eSignature app works on the go and provides instant signature and document tracking, with just a few clicks. If you’re a business leader, worker, or individual who needs a document signed or sent, you can use signNow for a free eSignature trial.

Follow our steps below on how to use signNow’s eSignature service for free and take advantage of our unique eSignature features:

Setup a Free Trial

When signing up for a free account with signNow, visit here and click “Free Trial” in the top right corner. You’ll be prompted to enter your first and last name, email address, and create a secure password. You also have the option to choose fingerprint verification when logging into your account for additional security. Make sure you create an advanced password with upper and lower case letters, and numbers.

If you want to upgrade your account at any time, you can choose to purchase additional integration, security, and eSignature features with our top-rated Business, Business Premium or Enterprise accounts.

Upload a document

With signNow, you can upload a variety of document files, including pdf, doc, docx, png, gif, jpg, and many more. You can upload a document either directly from your laptop, iPad, touchscreen, or mobile device. After uploading your document, you can review it to make sure it’s correct and requires any signature fields.

Remember, signNow is compliant with iOS or Android, so you can always use your signNow account on mobile or web interchangeably.  

Invite signer(s)

After adding in text, signature, initials, or date/time fields for a document, you can invite signers to sign the document. You’ll be prompted to enter the signer’s email address, and you can require a double factor authentication to ensure document protection and signature security. You can also invite multiple signers to sign their assigned parts of a document. Signers have the option of declining to sign, if they wish.

Document and eSignature security

After inviting signers and sending out the document for signing, the signers will receive an email notifying them to sign the document. They’ll also receive the two-factor authentication notification, if you decide to do this. Even with a free trial, your document and signature will always be legally-binding and highly secure.

From here, you can view when the signer(s) accepts the invitation to sign and when they open/view the document. You’ll also receive the document back after signing with the signer’s signature, and will be able to upload the electronic document for your own personal records.

For more information on signNow’s pricing vs competitors, visit this article.

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