What are SignNow’s E-Signature Solutions for Legal?

SignNow offers the strongest e-signature solution worldwide, and ensures that all law firms of any size can stay ahead of the market by completing legal contracts and time sensitive transactions in minutes. From advanced corporate forms to fee agreements, SignNow guarantees e-signature efficiency and simplicity, and has all legal offices covered.

SignNow can be used for eliminating tedious, paper-based processes, and replacing them with a successful, top rated e-signature solution. Below are a few of SignNow’s use cases in the legal industry:

  • Fee agreements
  • Corporate transactions
  • Confidentiality forms
  • Attorney agreements
  • Board consents
  • Employee contracts and policies
  • Class action communication
  • Shareholder agreements
  • and many more…

SignNow’s e-signature solution highly benefits law offices in the following ways:

Electronic Transformation

SignNow allows you to sign from anywhere, anytime. SignNow is supported on multiple mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and iPad, so you can sign documents directly from your phone within seconds. Additionally, SignNow allows organizations to support a mobile friendly workflow among legal teams and customers. For more information on using SignNow for mobile, visit here.

Improves Compliance

At SignNow, you can ensure that documents are completed in compliance with your laws and standard regulations. SignNow’s documents are legally binding by eSIGN and EIDAS, which means that our e-signature software is valid, legally accepted worldwide, and trustworthy. In addition, SignNow’s e-signature software is supported by advanced threat protection and SOC 2 Type II Certified, which means that your document data will always be confidential and highly secure.

Fully Eliminates Manual Processes

With SignNow’s e-signature software, you can easily automate your workflows and reduce time and money on physical, laborious business processes. You can also maintain electronic records of your documents with SignNow’s archiving feature – simply electronically archive documents for more cost-effective review, retrieval, and storage.

For more information on using SignNow’s e-signature solution for legal, visit our corporate site.