How to manage your signNow documents

No one likes a cluttered office, even if your office is paperless! This summer, learn how to organize all your electronic documents easily and securely with signNow.

signNow allows you to organize and manage electronic documents in a variety of ways. There are various folders you can utilize (typically found at the left sidebar of your web or mobile signNow app), that let you customize and manage your documents and your account.


Documents that are uploaded to signNow will be put  in the documents folder until you move them elsewhere. The documents folder can be managed by changing the view to either list or grid, and then adjusting the category of documents you want to view. For example, you can view documents that are waiting for you to sign, waiting for others to sign, or are completed.


Templates allow you to create a “master document” from which you can generate new copies. Templates make it easy to reuse your most common documents and forms. Your templates folder lets you find your most important documents quickly, which simplifies your office management life. You can also change your view in templates, as you can with any signNow folder, where you’ll see documents based on your recently updated, document name, or created date.


Archiving documents is simple with signNow. The Archived folder allows you to store past documents securely so you can easily clear out and manage your documents and templates folders.

Shared Documents Folder

Need to share documents with multiple users or team members? The shared documents folder is the place for you. This folder can be created if you have a team and can be easily accessed on web or mobile. For more information, visit signNow’s University article.

Export Documents

If you’re looking to store your documents on a drive such as google drive or box, signNow allows you to do so. This can be beneficial if your company has all your information stored in one drive and you want to link signNow with your company information. Learn how to export documents to a single location here.

signNow simplifies your workflow so that you can relax more easily this summer. Signup today for the best eSignature solution with the best price.