Join the airSlate Affiliate Program: The perks of becoming a signNow affiliate

Join the airSlate Affiliate Program

The airSlate Affiliate Program allows you to earn money by introducing others to airSlate’s suite of digital transformation tools — signNow, signNow API, pdfFiller, and US Legal Forms. Today, over 100 million users are reaping the benefits of airSlate products. Individuals, SMBs, and mid-market businesses are now leveraging these tools at different stages of their digital transformation journey to reclaim hours that would have otherwise gone towards completing repetitive tasks.

With 28 million active users in over 20 industries, signNow by airSlate has proven to be a reliable tool for eSigning documents on a daily basis. As a signNow affiliate, you will receive a competitive commission for every paying customer you refer. 

Great affiliates come from a variety of backgrounds. You might be a blogger, a content creator, a reviewer or comparison site writer, an influencer, a consultant, a course creator, and so on. Regardless of your audience and platform, signNow by airSlate offers you an enterprise-grade eSignature solution to share with your audiences, and if they become customers, you’ll reap the benefits. As a part of the airSlate Affiliate Program, you will receive up to $1000 * per qualified customer.

Learn more about the conditions and benefits of the airSlate Affiliate Program and start promoting any of airSlate’s digital products. This blog will focus on the perks of promoting the signNow eSignature solution.

Zooming in: What can signNow do?

signNow by airSlate has rightfully cemented itself as a leader in the eSignature market. For almost a decade, signNow has assisted individuals, teams, and organizations in harnessing digital transformation by going paperless and digitizing signature workflows.

To date, the number of signNow customers now exceeds 6 million – 318 Fortune 500 companies have used it since 2017. signNow’s eSignature is applicable to every industry and area of business and is helping customers across a range of roles. From business owners and human resources to operations managers and realtors — all of these professionals choose signNow for its range of features, affordable pricing, and reliable customer support.

With signNow, you can:

  • Quickly fill out, eSign, and approve documents on any device
  • Maintain your company branding to raise brand awareness
  • Simplify complex document workflows
  • Increase team productivity 
  • Work uninterrupted, even while offline 
  • Enjoy industry-leading security standards and compliance 
  • Set up integrations with 13 productivity apps, four cloud storage services, five CRMs, and more
  • Significantly improve your customer experience

Find out why 28 million users trust signNow and how different industries benefit from using signNow on a daily basis.

signNow users: Who are they?

Let’s look at who signNow customers are, where they come from, and the integrations they’re looking for. signNow’s typical user comes from an SMB or mid-market segment and is eager to reduce document processing costs and waste. They’re also looking to digitally transform their business.

Individuals using signNow in their day-to-day operations range from business line owners, HR and sales professionals, operations managers, educators, realtors, chief legal officers, and others. As for the industries using signNow’s eSignature, these range from healthcare and government agencies to higher education and real estate.  

signNow’s integrations with popular business applications, CRM systems, and cloud storage platforms make it the go-to choice for businesses. The list of signNow’s in-demand integrations includes, but is not limited to, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Microsoft Teams, Autodesk, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

signNow drives positive ROI and creates value for customers

Both businesses and their customers see real and quick results after introducing signNow’s eSignature solution and its many features into their workflows. One of the most noticeable benefits is faster document turnaround time compared to paper-based workflows. 

signNow is proven to reduce the average time between sending a document and having it signed to one hour, with an average minimum of 2 clicks and 10 seconds needed to sign a single document. That’s only a fraction of the positive ROI delivered by signNow’s eSignature solution. 

Here are some more specific data points we’ve gathered from customers across a range of industries who have experienced improvements to critical business processes. With signNow, you can:

  • Reclaim up to 40 hours per month by handling their signature workflows electronically 
  • Eliminate 70% of document errors thanks to signNow’s signing guidance and fillable fields
  • Save an average of $30 per document by taking away the need to print, scan, and deliver paper documents 
  • Collect signatures 24x faster and accelerating document turnaround times from days to minutes
  • Enjoy 127% average increase in customer satisfaction scores

signNow ROI - the economic impact of signNow's eSignature solution
The return on investment delivered by signNow’s eSignature solution

As you can see, choosing to promote signNow as an affiliate has indisputable potential for increasing your revenue. But the perks don’t stop there. Take a look below.

Why customers switch to signNow

It’s not a rare situation when someone switches to signNow after using another eSignature solution.
Across the board and above all, signNow customers are looking for a product to solve their problems. The most common challenges faced by teams and businesses before switching to signNow are as follows:

  • Excessive spending on paper and delivery services
  • Errors when filling out similar documents and forms
  • Inefficient and slow document processing routines
  • Providing a consistent signing experience in-person or remotely
  • Lack of a secure environment for storing documents and initiating eSignature workflows
  • Delays in collecting signatures from multiple customers and documents
  • Slow and clunky eSignature app
  • Integrating eSignatures into a company’s existing software (data source, cloud, website or custom app) 
  • Inefficient collaboration within and between departments

signNow offers a solution to resolve these challenges:

  • Eliminate paper use and save money by signing, sending, and storing documents online
  • Save time and reduce errors with reusable templates
  • Speed up document turnaround by collecting signatures while on the go in seconds
  • Use Kiosk Mode to automatically generate document copies for each signer and collect eSignatures on mobile or tablet
  • Create secure complex workflows with the private mobile-ready eSignature solution
  • Send document groups for signing in a role-based order to multiple recipients and allow forwarding
  • Approve and send documents online, on any desktop or mobile device
  • Integrate signNow eSignature into the apps you use and love via out-of-the-box integrations or the powerful API
  • Create, share, and collaborate on documents and templates across multiple departments.

Here’s how NEEAL streamlined its signature workflows by switching to signNow

The North East Enterprise Agency Ltd (NEEAL), an NGO providing business startup support in North East England, switched to signNow after using DocuSign. With the help of signNow, NEEAL could effortlessly onboard new employees and streamline signature cycles for their customers. The simplicity of eSignature workflows paired with signNow’s pricing policy became the decisive factor.

Challenges before using signNow:

❌Clunky eSignature solution that was difficult to use
❌Poor customer service 
❌Expensive pricing that exceeded the budget

Results achieved with signNow:

✅ Decreased operational costs, owing to the user-based pricing model
✅ Accelerated onboarding process for new employees, owing to the quick and easy setup
✅ Streamlined signature workflows for both 2-3-person workflows and group signing sessions involving 10-12 people.

“No matter how many people you have in one workflow, or how many documents you have to send out to 12 people at the same time — the monthly/annual price tag doesn’t change.”

Will Nash,
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Project Manager

How the airSlate Affiliate Program works

Step 1. Sign up for the airSlate Affiliate Program by completing a short registration form to receive your unique affiliate link.
Step 2. Share your affiliate link in the content you have created on your channels of choice. 
Step 3. Earn a commission as soon as a purchase is made using your link. 

How to join the airSlate Affiliate Program
Follow the step-by-step instructions to become a signNow affiliate

As people are spending more time online due to working remotely, they’re looking for alternative sources of income. Becoming an affiliate is one of the ways to achieve a steady source of additional income by introducing people to signNow’s eSignature solution.

It’s that easy – spread the word about cutting-edge no-code business automation products and earn up to $1000 * per qualified customer.

Sales/moCommission per Sale
* signNow API$1,000

So why should you become a signNow affiliate?

Because signNow is the eSignature solution that has already helped over 28 million users simplify and manage their documents. Its robust features — from role-based eSigning and collaboration tools for teams to the detailed and court-admissible Audit Trail — keep customers’ businesses moving forward. 

signNow allows customers, no matter their business’s size or industry, to tackle their real-world challenges. It has helped educators easily enroll participants into their online webinars, insurance companies quickly process client claims, and startups stay competitive by efficiently sending agreement documents to new clients. And on top of that, signNow has saved its customers considerable time and money.

Spread the word about signNow’s eSignature solution & increase your revenue with airSlate’s Affiliate Program!