How SignNow Ensures Efficiency for Life Science Departments

As a life sciences company, your business depends on collecting and retaining a huge amount of signatures to get products onto the market. However, obtaining manual signatures on paper is highly inefficient and fraught with errors. Physical signatures can also put you at risk of non-compliance, whereas, e-signatures have audit trails for document tracking, and are legally accepted worldwide.

Several leading biopharmaceutical companies, such as TechData and BIND Therapeutics,  are using SignNow to shorten their credentialing cycle, improve their customer satisfaction, streamline manual processes and eliminate all paper-based systems, and enable sales to capture physician signatures via any mobile device.

SignNow is the fastest and most efficient way to get sales agreements and confidential documents signed electronically. Learn more about why your organization should choose SignNow below:

SignNow Reduces Compliance Risk

For drugs in clinical trial, missing proper signatures on documents, such as consent forms, puts your trial at risk. For drugs in market, you need legal signatures for all samples, event and KOL registrations. With SignNow’s e-signature solution, your organization can avoid these risks and streamline your process, as well as ensure that you get an authenticated e-signature every time.​

SignNow Reduces Operating Costs

SignNow saves your reps a lot of time, due to documents being sent for signature instantly, along with automated reminders that speed the process for you. Plus, SignNow can cut costs associated with paper, ink, faxing, couriers, overnight shipping, and document storage dramatically.

SignNow Allows In-Office and Off-Site E-Signatures with Mobile

Many pharmaceutical companies are invested in tablets for sales presentations, however, they’re still collecting signatures on paper. This is highly inefficient and expensive… but with SignNow, you can sign documents on any mobile device and enable reps to collect authenticated signatures on site at medical offices and clinics, or off-site when traveling for work.

SignNow Ensures Efficiency in Sales Representatives

Sales reps have limited time to focus on sales, and every minute they spend after sales calls mailing, faxing, or processing sample request forms or MIRFs is time they aren’t making visits. With SignNow, you can free your reps to spend more time calling on physicians and saving your sales ops team from having to scan or re-key forms on the back end.

If you’re interested in starting a free trial with SignNow, or learning more about our features, please visit here.