You’ll be surprised to learn how creating a catchy signature can help your business succeed

digital signature

There is a strong belief that the classical meaning of a signature is falling out of society. Your digital signature is not what makes people remember your name – it only specifies your consent on a particular deal.


In fact, your signature and your name (even left digitally) still matter, and may greatly affect your business deals as well as your relations with partners and customers.


Today you may put an ‘X’ for your signature – but this isn’t what helps your business succeed

The signature has always been of great importance throughout history by signifying “this man was here.”

‘This man’ was John Hancock placing his ‘John Hancock’ on the Declaration of Independence, The Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein, signing a contract signifying the beginning of the band’s success. Many many other individuals have changed history just by writing a few squiggles on a piece of paper.

In the digital era, you may literally put an ‘X’ or smiley face instead of writing your name and surname. In the form of a coded message, a digital signature securely associates a signer with a document in a recorded transaction. So in the digital sense, there is actually no difference between typing your proper name, or leaving something as simple as an ‘X’. In both cases, it will always be easy to verify the real signer.

However, we want you to put in a little more effort. The thing is that both John Hancock’s, and The Beatles’ signatures were just simple squiggles before they were placed on a specific paper on a specific day. They accompanied the time of fame of these individuals and are notable even without the signers.

Your own unique digital name may get the same power and value for the following reasons:


Psychology stuff does matter in business

Especially when it comes to size.

In their research named respectively ‘Size Does Matter (in Signatures)’, the Harvard Business Review depicts that companies led by CEOs who have large signatures—an indicator of narcissism—perform worse than ones led by CEOs with small signatures.

By the way, there were thousands of more researches saying the exact opposite.

However, some of the aspects of your signature image deserve a more serious attitude. Psychologists claim that the look of your signature can build trust between you and your partners and customers since many believe it says a lot about your characteristics.

  • For example, writing your full name is considered to show that you are a balanced and even-tempered person. Psychologists think that Steve Jobs’ signature is the best example of such a type.

digital signature

  • When you stand out capital letters, like Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom does, you show that you are strict and exacting. Also, the ascending signature with big capitals indicates your ambitiousness and signature
  • Underlining your signature shows you as a self-confident person that is not afraid of any troubles and surprises. Alternatively, the line above the signature says that you are highly ambitious and strive to achieve greater heights across a broader spectrum of human signature
  • You may also try unusual symbols. The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has two signatures. The one you see below is not his official business signature. However, he uses it quite often. Such an untypical signature greatly identifies you with what you do. This type of a signature is especially useful for digital document signature

A unique name helps people find you and distinguish you from thousands of other entrepreneurs

Today, when people want to learn something about you, they’ll try to find related information on the internet. There is a phenomenon called “Digital First” (a term coined by Mitch Joel in his book CTRL Alt Delete), which means that your digital first impression precedes an in-person meeting and future collaboration.

However, the first digital meeting may never even happen if nobody can find you on the internet. Visibility and purity of your branding depends on the uniqueness of your name which provides a direct pathway for searchers and makes their impression more accurate. Unfortunately, individuals with common names may easily get lost in search lists.

Attention: for those with common names, don’t run to the courts to change your name. Start by creating your own unique nickname, which may also be your signature (like Jack Dorsey’s Twitter signature).


You may believe in nominative determinism

Why not? The hypothesis that people tend to gravitate toward areas of work that fit their names is quite popular – even nowadays. (That’s why one family named their son Billion).

You don’t have to believe in any supernatural power that leads you to success just because of your name. But a sense of pride in your nickname, business name, or signature may greatly inspire you and your attitude to do business.

Considering all these cases, you should remember one thing: it is you who gives sense to your name or signature – you make it powerful and notable. However, the idea to start from your own little rebranding, fall in love again with your business name or ‘squiggles on a piece of paper’ and carry them proudly while taking new business steps, may greatly help your business succeed.

We at SignNow believe that even in the digital sphere, you can and should create a unique e-signature. And we try to make this easy for you. You can use your handwritten signature by just taking a photo of it and uploading it to your SignNow account. Or you may write or type your signature digitally, save it and use it anytime as needed.

We hope everything said above will inspire you to create your own unique signature. And SignNow will help you to easily apply it to all of your necessary documents.