How to Use SignNow’s Bulk Send Feature

Does your organization rely on high-volume communication between your employees and customers? SignNow’s bulk sending feature can significantly simplify your workflow and business processes, so that you can save time and money.

SignNow’s bulk sending feature is used to create a single template, and then import a list of signers you’d like to invite. The list of signers will each receive a copy of the template to sign – this eliminates all miscommunication between signers, as well as simplifies the signing process.

Bulk send is very important for the following high-volume distribution tasks:

  • Lawsuit documentation
  • Permission slips
  • W-4 forms
  • Payment forms
  • Employee policy and HR documents
  • Homeowner or tenant forms
  • Asset identification
  • and many more!

How does SignNow’s bulk send work… in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload your documents into SignNow, and then specify which fields require signature, date/time, checkmarks, or text (these required fields are for the signer to fill out). Next, turn the document into a template.
  2. Upload a bulk list with the contact information of all your signers who need to receive a copy of the template, and then upload it to SignNow.
  3. From bulk send, you can send the template out to everyone on the list. Each of your signers on the list will receive a copy of the template to sign, and then send back to you.

SignNow’s bulk sending feature will simplify your current business processes and make work easier, quicker, and less tedious for everyone. For more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use SignNow’s bulk send, visit this University article.

For more details about SignNow’ e-signature solution, visit our corporate site.