Interview with SignNow’s Customer Success Specialist

Meet Bernadette, SignNow’s Customer Success Specialist at the Newport Beach office, who works on several customer centric projects and runs SignNow’s weekly webinars. Bernadette makes a positive difference at SignNow by enhancing customer’s experiences and developing successful webinars for customers – read our interview with her below:

Your Job Title:

Senior Customer Success Specialist

Briefly describe your average work day at SignNow:

Each day is different!  There’s always a few standard meetings, but I am constantly working on different projects to help better our clients experiences.

How did you know SignNow was the best fit for you?

I knew SignNow was the best fit for me because I knew I’d be able to see how my work affected the company.  It’s rare when you get to actually make a difference.

How do you stay productive during the day?

During the day I keep myself to a pretty strict schedule.  I create a calendar event (with free availability) with times I have available to work on things.  For example, from 10-11 it will show “webinars”.  I know I have that much time in my day to work on webinar development.  

If I feel like I’m in a slump or too distracted, I’ll change the scenery and move to a couch or a different room so I can keep on track with what I need to accomplish.  If I need to refresh I’ll take a walk or grab a cup of coffee, too.

Do you have a routine to start off your day at SignNow?

I typically get into the office and create a ‘to-do’ list of what has to be accomplished that day.  I base that list off of my project deadlines and things that need checked daily.

Tell us about your weekly webinars at SignNow:

We offer industry specific webinars to help clients utilize advanced SignNow features for their business, as well as onboarding webinars for new clients to better understand the basics of using SignNow.

What are a few things you do outside the office?

I enjoy spending time with my husband, dog, cooking, and hiking.

Here’s a picture of Bernadette’s dog, Todd.

To learn more about Bernadette’s weekly live webinars – and when to RSVP for the next upcoming one – visit here. To start a free trial with SignNow’s e-signature solution, visit here.