How to make selling easier with SignNow for Salesforce


Using Salesforce to sign a single document is a lofty goal: the signing process is way too complicated, the mobile interface is clunky as everything works better on a desktop and not all features work properly or are easy to use. Software bugs can have adverse effects on a company’s total sales revenue. See how SignNow improves the current state of e-signatures in Salesforce while eliminating common setbacks.


Complete and sign documents on the go, even while offline

Zoom Video Communications requires hundreds of contracts be filled out and signed every month. For Zoom, a straightforward e-signature tool that seamlessly integrates with their CRM system was a high priority. That’s why they chose SignNow for their daily document processes. The SignNow app is designed to work perfectly on mobile devices and provide a full set of features for both tablets and smartphones, running Android or iOS.

Our entire company now uses SignNow, from Sales and Legal, to HR and Operations for 100 percent adoption within one month – David Berman, President at Zoom

The app allows you to create and manage document workflow from wherever you are. You can e-sign documents and send them out for e-signature even while offline. Let’s say you’re in a plane and have a couple of hours at your disposal. With SignNow you can easily use this time to complete paperwork: fill out all your forms and sign documents that are pending your approval. When you’re finished, you’ll still have plenty of time to catch the newest episode of your favorite TV series. All changes made are saved in the app. When you come back online, SignNow automatically updates your changes and sends out docs to their respective recipients.


Collect in-person signatures

What if while traveling to an event you meet the prospect of your dreams? Don’t miss the moment! Whether you’re on a business or personal trip, or meeting at the North Pole, all you need to close the deal on-the-spot is your iPad. Just load up SignNow and generate a template with fillable fields, then hand it to your prospect to complete and sign. You can connect certain fields in SignNow with Salesforce using data binding, so any changes will be updated in your Salesforce records in a matter of seconds.


Buy cheap, use easily

The cost of some e-signature solutions for business can reach $30 per month. We think that’s too much for a commoditized product. E-signatures should be simple to implement and use. If the service is complicated, it makes more sense to go and get your signature in person. SignNow pricing begins at only $5 per month, which is less than two cups of coffee. Deployment takes minimal effort and the user-friendly interface requires no specific tutorials. Even if you’ve never used SignNow, the procedure for getting a document signed is intuitive and straightforward.