The 5 must-have automated documents sports teams use to win

If you are involved in sports, your team has to be fast and furious both on and off the field. Sports management is one of the most dynamic businesses, with hundreds of deals being closed on the go.

It is no wonder more and more teams and sports clubs are going paperless and opting for the electronic management of all their documents. It is simply quicker, easier and just more suitable for people on the run (often literary).

signNow offers all sports teams and athletic clubs the most comprehensive support when it comes to paperwork. Here are 5 of the most widely used signNow solutions used by sports teams and university sports clubs in their daily operations:

eSigning sponsorship agreements

With signNow, the sponsorship document processing cycle is reduced from days to minutes. You can have everything signed in-person or online, using any mobile device. Moreover, the sponsor can eSign all documents in offline mode (aboard a plane, for example). In cases when there is a complex hierarchy of signing, you can easily preset the specific order of e-signing and get instant notifications after each new e-signature has been added to the sponsorship agreement.

Season ticket renewals and payment collection

Working with fans is a vital part of sports business. With signNow, you can approve the renewal of membership cards on any mobile device and you can also request instant online payments (via Stripe or Payeezy), thus boosting your sales. signNow offers three similarly easy ways on how to disseminate ticket requests and membership renewal confirmations:

  • Use templates to personalize each of the invites;
  • Send bulk invites to all or selected people in your Contacts list;
  • Or create the signing link and then post it online, thus making the invite accessible to all those who are interested.

Facility requests and supplier contracts

signNow offers an unlimited number of layouts for various order forms, requests, invoices and so on. You can easily add or delete any fields you want, including text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons, calculated fields with preset formulas for the automated calculation of the final fee and, of course, an eSignature field.

Once your request or order form has been sent out, you can instantly track the progress of any e-signing online. If there are other members of your team who are engaged in the procurement and venue management – just include them in the CC line, and they will get an instant notification on the progress of eSigning along with you.

Permission waivers from fans and parents of school children

Participation permissions and liability waivers are rather routine these days, and you don’t really want to spend more than several seconds on filling out the form.

You can choose to send email notifications to all players/parents or collect these eSignatures in person.

In case of kids’ parents, you may spend some time on personal explanations of the formalities (“Why do I need to sign this? How are you going to use the photos?” etc.), and therefore, we recommend trying signNow Kiosk Mode. With it, you can conveniently combine personal explanations with e-signing directly on an iPad. The parents will be carefully guided through the whole process of e-signing by the system which makes sure none of the signing places are missed..

And don’t forget the National Signing Day is coming!


Just a decade ago universities all over the US used to recruit athletes for their sports teams by using fax machines or in-person signing. Today, an increasing number of universities are switching to eSigning.

In the last year alone, SignNow has been providing its e-signing & document management services to a range of US colleges and universities, including the University of Nebraska, the University of Michigan, Notre Dame, the University of Massachusetts, UCLA, Oregon State, the University of Connecticut and the University of North Dakota.

Using signNow during National Signing Day means sport teams and university faculties can recruit candidates literally within minutes. Formatting the National Letter of Intent (commonly known as NLI) has become easier than never. Just drag and drop the needed fields directly into the document. Security of all operations in the course of e-signing is guaranteed through Oauth 2.0 authorization and SSL data encryption.

signNow allows sports managers to minimize the time spent on paperwork and thus dedicate more time to teams and their fans.

We’re very proud to be using signNow to simplify our operations. We have hundreds of contracts and official documents at any given time, and being able to use the innovative, mobile technologies of SignNow’s e-signature to improve our efficiency saves us valuable time and resources.
Jim Nolan, SVP Operations, New England Patriots