4 Unusual Places to Sign a Document with SignNow

With summer coming to an end and fall beginning, it’s likely you’re finishing up your vacation, or jetting off to destinations for a quick weekend. Although work can wait until you get back from your trip, there are some tasks that still need to be completed. SignNow’s offline signing feature for mobile devices has made it possible to sign from practically any location, at any time.

With SignNow’s offline signing, you can quickly and simply sign and send documents with ease, even if you’re on your vacation. We’ve compiled a short list of locations and unusual places where you can sign documents without an internet connection:

On a hike

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or camping in a dense forest, you can still sign documents from SignNow’s app for mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and iPad.

At the beach

We all know how poor internet connection is at the beach, but don’t let that stop you from signing documents on time. With SignNow’s offline feature for mobile, you can sign documents on your phone while tanning, drinking a pina colada, or relaxing underneath a palm tree.

On a boat

Whether you’re sailing to the Bahamas or on an all-inclusive cruise ship, you can still sign documents while enjoying the comforts of the sea.

In the air

If you’re traveling to a destination by airplane, you can still sign documents without an internet connection with SignNow for mobile. Sign and send documents on time, even when on vacation, with SignNow.

For more information on signing and sending documents offline, visit this University article. To start your free trial with SignNow, visit here.