How to Use SignNow for Your Marketing Department

Do you want to automate marketing contracts and agreements? Do you want to get quick, legally binding release forms signed within minutes? With SignNow for the marketing industry, you can launch marketing campaigns faster and get important contracts securely and efficiently executed.

SignNow allows marketing departments to improve their performance by providing them an easier, simpler, and securer way to get contracts signed and sent, and to streamline marketing workflows all in one centralized platform – even on mobile or web. Let’s examine some of SignNow’s top features and benefits for the marketing industry below:

Get more contracts and agreements signed, sealed, and delivered.

With SignNow, you can quickly and easily get legally-binding contracts, agreements, and release forms signed from customers and consumers to use in your campaigns. SignNow enables marketing departments to automate the signing process, so that you can focus on your projects, meet deadlines, and grow your department.

Improve customer communication with e-signature.

SignNow enables marketing departments to speed up the approval process for sending communications to customers. This increased communication ensures that documents get signed and sent back on time, and all document activity can be visible in the audit trail. SignNow’s audit trail records all document history, so that you can see when documents have been received, viewed, and signed.

Route your approvals quickly and securely.

In addition, SignNow routes approvals quickly in a secure e-signature platform, including for press release sign-offs and other media assets. With SignNow, your marketing department can keep track of all electronic signatures and never lose sight of important documents.

Connect SignNow with Salesforce or NetSuite to manage your documents.

Do you want to manage all of your contracts and forms in one centralized location, even on any mobile device? With SignNow, you can connect your account with Salesforce or NetSuite, so that you can view, manage, track, and archive all of your documents in one secure platform. SignNow’s integrations with Salesforce and NetSuite are available on mobile and web, so that you can manage your contracts from any location, at any time – even when offline.

Do you still have questions about SignNow’s e-signature solution for your marketing department? Contact SignNow’s sales team here, and start using e-signature today.