E-signature is not a product, it’s a feature for your business processes


E-signing a document can be done with the simple stroke of a finger across the screen of your iPhone. That’s why thinking of e-signatures as a stand-alone product is simply false. The truth is, e-signatures are a feature that anyone can use without having to purchase an entire service.

Pay for what you really need and don’t be deceived by the traditional belief that ‘the more complicated – and more expensive – the better’.


Why do customers overpay for their e-signature solution?

As a matter of fact, electronic signatures are part of a larger online ecosystem known as the workflow. This is why e-signature providers give you more options beyond simply putting your autograph on a document. The usual menu includes adding recipients, setting expiration dates, getting notifications upon execution and even routing your documents in a number of limited ways.

Bought a tool, got charged for a workflow

Vendor pricing models include a limited number of “envelopes” that can be used as part of a subscription. Think of the envelope as a pay-per-use workflow: whenever you exceed a certain amount, you’ll be charged for any additional “envelope” you run through the platform. The ‘hidden fee’ rate is $5 per document for DocuSign users (100 free envelopes per year), or $2 per document for Adobe Sign users (100 free envelopes/transactions per year).


Any alternatives?

While Adobe, DocuSign — and many others — offer you dozens of features you’ve never even heard of and then charge you for the number of workflows you complete, SignNow is fair and direct.

We offer you the same set of features at a reasonable price, and we will never charge you for the number of workflows you complete using our features.

With SignNow you always get what you pay for.