How SignNow Promotes Data Security in the Workplace

As more companies make the switch from manual, paper-based processes to digital workflows, data security remains the most important factor to a company’s success than ever before. From employee onboarding documents and marketing release forms to sensitive legal information, these electronic documents contain confidential information that need to stay away from cyber criminals, or not fall into the wrong hands.

At SignNow, we use powerful e-signature technology to make sure that your data security is fully protected at all costs. With our world-class security and top e-signature solution, we require users to have identity and user authentication, tamper-evident software, and complete audit trails to review document activity. These levels of security protect your data in the workplace and reduce the chances of fraud.

To learn more about how SignNow promotes data security in the workplace, please review our infographic below on SignNow’s user authentication, e-signature compliance, and other top SignNow security features:

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