signNow supports remote learning by granting a free 3-month Enterprise subscription to educational organizations

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signNow continues to support those who need the most help during the coronavirus outbreak. Last week, we announced our assistance to medical organizations and today, we’re here to support educational institutions in remote learning.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most educational institutions have switched over to remote learning. And this is not a simple decision. Many organizations still aren’t familiar with online platforms or digital tools that streamline e-learning processes. Recent surveys show that educators ask for recommendations for online resources and platforms and for best practices for distance learning.


Last week we started giving free subscriptions to healthcare institutions. We saw an amazing response and great feedback. People really need signNow to continue running their businesses remotely. Today we would like to extend our help to the education sector as well. US educators are in need of a comprehensive but easy-to-use online solution to simplify working remotely.”

Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate, the parent company of signNow.

To help educational institutions across the US get online, signNow is granting them free 3-month (March, April, May, and June 2020) access to Enterprise accounts. This means that educators get free access to advanced tools for creating documents, sending them for signing/approval, securely storing them and much more.

Fill out a short form HERE and our Support agents will begin setting up your FREE account right away.

What are the benefits of an e-signature solution for the educational system

We know that the ability to process documents electronically is especially helpful for remote learning. signNow has been actively working with educational organizations helping them streamline document processing and improve collaboration.

The biggest challenge about remote learning is how to build effective teamwork between students and teachers without a physical classroom. This is when communication tools together with document processing solutions create workflow transparency and make it possible to track students’ performance more accurately. 

With signNow, create one or more teams and invite other signNow users to join. Working in teams allows you to share your documents faster and collaborate on them saving you time and avoiding confusion. With the signNow Enterprise plan, you can build an organizational dashboard that allows you to monitor your account’s activity and manage multiple teams. See all of your users and document stats, including documents created, documents sent for signing, documents completed, average completion time, and the number of invite receipts.

Other immediate benefits of an e-signature solution for educators include:

list-item-1 Streamlining enrollment and admissions processes

list-item-1 Creating smart timesheets, reports, lesson plan templates

list-item-1 Integrating with necessary websites, applications, CRM systems

list-item-1 Keeping documents secure under advanced data protection

In these uncertain times, an e-signature solution plays a huge role in saving time, effort and money. E-signature apps reduce document processing costs up to 55%–78%. Printing, mailing, signing, scanning, and faxing can all be replaced with an e-signature solution. It’s time to maximize efficiency.

For more information about signNow for the educational system read HERE.


Working off-campus using your University VPN might get tricky sometimes as overladen platforms and complex apps might take a while to load and cannot really function at their regular speed. In contrast, signNow has a lightweight interface that isn’t hindered by VPN. We are here to help you make sure education and the educational ecosystem persists and thrives.”

Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate, the parent company of signNow.