The 3 most indispensable signNow features, according to our team

….aside from eSigning, of course.

Working with signNow, using it, and writing about it, has naturally made us well-acquainted with the ins and outs of our product.

By both receiving different reviews from our customers and using the product ourselves, we were able to pick out these three indispensable signNow features.

So read, try, and tell us what you think.

Create and share Templates – reuse the same layout of a particular document

This is where automation begins.

Having a Template that is ready to be filled out helps users understand and file documents quicker, while also avoiding typos and inconsistencies.

signNow’s Templates allow you to create a master document that you can generate copies from over and over again. There’s no limit to the number of templates you can create. This makes it easier to reuse your most common documents and forms. You have access to fillable fields, as well as the ability to use our Signing Links feature.

After you create a Template, you can also create a team within your organization. This lets you easily share document templates with your colleagues.

Watch the video below to learn how Sales teams make use of signNow’s Shared Templates:

Bulk Send — distribute a document to multiple users at once

Organizations often rely on high-volume communication between employees and customers.

This is where signNow’s Bulk Send feature comes in. It lets you simplify a significant part of your workflow, so that you can save both time and money.

signNow’s Bulk Send is used to create a single Template, and then import a list of signers you’d like to invite. The list of signers will each receive a copy of the template to sign – this eliminates all miscommunication between signers, as well as simplifies the signing process.

Statistics and experience show that Bulk Send is very useful for the following high-volume distribution tasks:

  • lawsuit documentation;
  • permission slips;
  • W-4 forms;
  • payment forms;
  • employee policy and HR documents;
  • homeowner or tenant forms;
  • asset identification;
  • and more, of course.

Watch the video below to learn how Legal teams can take full advantage of signNow’s Bulk Send feature:

Kiosk mode — complete documents on your iPad

This mode is especially useful for businesses that require clients to sign waivers or important documents before receiving a business product. However, there is also a wide range of businesses that can benefit from this feature. From doctor’s offices to trampoline parks, Kiosk Mode is incredibly dynamic – especially since it can also be used anywhere and anytime on your iPad.

Thanks to Kiosk Mode, documents are now easier to store. They are electronically saved and archived, so that you no longer have to waste time organizing any paperwork. In addition, documents are easily retrievable by using the search feature. For example, if you have a client that was away for a while and came back to your business after being gone a few years, you can simply search your documents, and the information on that client will immediately show up. It’s also good to be able to find past documents so you don’t accidentally have a client sign two of the same documents.

By using Kiosk mode, signers won’t leave any signature fields blank. The electronic signature process makes sure a document is fully completed before it can be submitted. In a word – nothing ever gets left blank.

Watch our tutorial on how to use Kiosk mode:

So, now you know our preferences. Hopefully you’ve been able to identify a couple features that you can see benefiting your business. If not – just try other ones. We’ve got plenty of them.

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Originally published in February 2019, updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy in May 2023