signNow vs competitors: what makes us a top-notch electronic signature solution?

SignNow vs competitors

The global electronic signature industry is growing at an ever increasing pace with an average annual growth rate of 35% per year.  So it’s no wonder that dozens of platforms are appearing on the market almost every day.

And what’s causing a lot of confusion among customers, is that every platform is equipped with its own set of tools.

Here at signNow, we’re proud of the fact that our services are flexible, secure and easy-to-use — not because we like to think so, but simply because it’s according to the numerous comparative ratings and reviews by industry experts, as well as thousands of positive customer reviews.

Above all, signNow is known for its user-driven approach to product development that allows for easy manoeuvring even through complex e-signature workflows.

Why our user-oriented strategy is so essential

There’s a popular opinion on the internet that the more features you have, the better. However, the numbers show the opposite. According to a Linkedin survey, almost half of software features are never used.

SignNow has garnered numerous awards for its simple, mobile-friendly software. With more and more new features and integrations being introduced, SignNow remains a quick, intuitive and lightweight platform with an easily navigable interface.

Do more than just sign documents

You know you’re dealing with a classy piece of e-signature software when it’s capable of more than just eSigning a document and also gives you the possibility to improve the way you close deals, sign contracts, and automate signature workflows.

Read the article to compare signNow vs DocuSign features. 

Let’s highlight some key points:

  • SignNow is customizable and mobile-friendly

Pre-fill documents with text and generate templates of documents on both desktop and mobile devices. Pre-filled text allows you to fill out a section of a document that you already have the information for.

I like how I can take any document and upload to the SignNow platform. It’s easy to add in customizable elements on our documents for clients to fill in. Clients love how they can log back in to review the document without having to sign immediately, I like how SignNow keeps me informed of the history of the document – who has viewed it, when they view it, their last login, etc. I also like how I am sent a copy of the document once all elements have been completed.

Leia B.

  • signNow is fast

Avoid re-typing the same information over and over again. Save time by copying fields that contain your needed data and pasting them into a new document.

For example, when using a standard document template, you can skip the process of setting up fillable fields, signing roles and signing order when sending it to each new recipient. Instead, you can copy fields that contain non-variable data and simply paste them into a new document.

  • signNow is secure

All electronic signature providers claim that they are secure. But you’d better to check it yourself before it’s too late.

For example, California bankruptcy lawyer Paul Bains’ documents were rejected in court because of the method he used to sign them.

Paul used an e-signature platform for bankruptcy petitions and other documents. But judge Robert Bardwil of the US Bankruptcy court of California ruled that this platform did not meet the pre-set standards for e-signatures to replace a wet ink signature on legal documents. He said that although the platform could be used for other business purposes, it could not be considered legally binding in a court of law.

Be careful and ensure the highest level of security for your documents and agreements by using a verified e-signature platform.

  • signNow is cost-efficient

Last but not least, avoid overpaying for your e-signature product. Focus on simplicity and convenience and be on your way to maximizing the efficiency of your e-signature workflows.

DocuSign’s Business Premium plan will cost you $135 per one user each month. signNow’s pricing for same plan is only 15$ per user per month. And we believe that there is no need to pay more than 25$ for an e-signature solution.

According to Garner and G2Crowd reviews, SignNow stays ahead of DocuSign and HelloSign in ease of use, pricing flexibility and ease of deployment. 

Moreover, SignNow is the only one e-signature solution that got into the Top 50 of the Fastest Growing Products 2019 .

Find out more about signNow’s pricing and sign up for a free trial today. Test the important features and see for yourself how the software can handle the specific demands of your business.