4 Paperless Tips to Cut Costs and Receive more Donations for your Nonprofit

Document challenges account for 21.3 percent of productivity loss for businesses, and nonprofit organizations are no exception. Faxing, signing, printing, scanning and document chasing weigh down the daily workflow of your nonprofit. Adopting an online platform is one solution for nonprofits to reduce administrative costs and to spend more resources on delivering quality programs. By going digital, nonprofits are able to streamline manual processes, reduce paper expenses, lower the amount of time the staff needs to stay on the payroll. Allow volunteers to spend less time on paperwork and focus on the organization’s mission.

Save time and money, access your documents from any internet connected device, always stay in touch with your volunteers and manage donations faster than ever before.

Increase Mobility: Make It Easy to Send Donations from Anywhere on the Go                     

The easier it is to donate, the better. Studies show that a seamless donation process increases the frequency of online users completing their gift. Online services allow people to send and collect donations from any mobile device with little time spent. Such services as SignNow provide mobile applications which make sending and receiving donations even faster and easier.

Ensure Security: Keep Sensitive Data Safe at Protected Personal Accounts

Online platforms supply security and document confidentiality. Users are always required to provide their credentials. Tamper evident software and complete audit trails are used to view document activity. Once filled out and submitted, a document is stored in your personal account. At this stage, only you have access to the document which you can either share, email, or print out from any internet connected device.

Save Time: Help your Nonprofit Save Time by Using Online Platforms

Nonprofit organizations constantly lack time to accomplish their missions having to follow strict deadlines for every objective. Organizing information with hard copies is not efficient because it requires time to print, ship, and have a signed copy returned. Platforms like SignNow finish the job in minutes. Statistics show that more than 60% of documents uploaded to online electronic signature platforms are usually signed within an hour.

Save Money: Reduce Administrative Costs by Going Paperless

As nonprofits operate solely on charitable donations and constantly search for investment sources, cutting administrative costs wherever possible is critical. Going digital helps nonprofits save money and spare themselves from the hassle of dealing with paper documents.

Generate, send and collect legally-binding documents from your well-wishers, partners and volunteers in seconds without a single dollar spent.